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Marketing Program Manager


Expat Job

Marketing Program Manager


$ 6700 to $ 7000 per month


Hong Kong, HONG KONG


May 3 2024

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Main responsibilities:

- Be responsible for the management of all our integrated channels that have been created for all our campaigns for market improvement in collaboration with Fortune 1000.
- Developing all the tool kit required for our integrated marketing and sales to bring about the right programs and campaigns in collaboration with our clients and their channel partners.
- Take charge of the campaigns be it digital or analog to bring about the best engagement required for the channel partners to build their pipelines and presence.
- Make sure that the expectations of all our customers are met while you escalate the necessary issues for escalation.
- Be responsible for the tracking of the progress of all our campaigns in a proactive manner while ensuring that both the internal and external customers are consulted or worked with.
- Be responsible for the establishment and management of all the processes which are instrumental in making the project lifecycle better.
- Collaborate with the cross-functional team for the coordination of activities to bring about thealignment of all logistics for excellent execution.
- Be responsible for the management of all our operation centers in remote places for the delivery of world class services to top notch clients.
- Be responsible for the creation of the best result driven marketing contents
- Answer all our clients’ calls and monitor the activity reports which you will analyze to our clients on a regular basis.
- Be responsible for the acquisition and evaluation of feedback and questions to ensure the update of our feedback program.


- B2B/B2C marketing programs management expertise.
- A good understanding of Telemarketing is preferred.
- Ability to collaborate with different team members across different departments.
- Ability to perform different works based on priorities.
- Ability to make decisions based on issues at hand and solve problems with creative thinking.
- At least five years experience in digital marketing.
- US citizen who is willing to work in Hong Kong.


- Ability to manage time and project.
- Proficiency with the use of Microsoft Office Suite.
- Ability to self-motivate yourself to succeed in your assigned role.
- Ability to learn quickly and Quick learner with a positive attitude and strong problem resolution and creative thinking skills
- At least four years working experience in similar role is preferred.

Education and Certification:

- A Graduate degree or any other post-graduate certifications.
- An MBA or B. Tech is also a requirement.

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