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Operations Manager


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October 8 2021

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Our company seeks an individual that will serve as our Operations Manager and be responsible for the management of our Organisation’s HR as well as our daily operations. The person will also be saddled with the responsibilities of maintaining the program budgets in line with the COO while reporting to him as regards to everything you do. Your primary goal is to make sure that the organization is effective by providing the needed leadership that is required by the company while contributing to the development and implementation of all strategies and practices.

Main duties:

- Making sure that all the works in the department are taken care of through monitoring and coordination.
- Making sure that all the available financial statement and data are reviewed for efficiency purpose and the control of expenses.
- Making sure that all the operational budgets, control inventory are prepared for the purpose of recommending strategies to reduce the expenses of the company.
- Making sure that you work to improve our policies for the purpose of supporting our organizational goals and making sure that all the departmental goals and aspirations are seen to until they reach the maximum level.
- Managing human resources by assisting in the employment, placement, retrenchment, and supervision of workers.
- Making sure that our support services are well monitored and managed while coordination is facilitated among all our support personnel.
- Making sure that strategic input is improved for the betterment of our strategic plans while liaising with the Board and Ed.
- Making sure that all the risks that are attached to the company are well managed by making sure that all the organizational and insurance policies are put in place.


- A university degree in Engineering, Architecture or its equivalent.
- At least five years of project experience.
- A demonstrated experience in all our required software
- A good understanding of how to manage finances and lead people.
- Ability to manage thecontract and ensure the organizational effectiveness of a company.
- Ability to fight for social justice and be committed to themission.
- Ability to communicate well with people and relate to others well is essential.
- Knowledge and experience of budget development and the UAE Labour standards.
- Commitment to high professional ethics at theworkplace.
- Ability to collaborate and get committed to a particular work.
- Ability to persuade people with details and facts in a debate as to issues which are of the most importance to our organization.
- Ability to delegate all your functions well and effectively.
- Ability to work in adifferent environment without feeling uncomfortable.

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