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Paulaner Restaurant Manager


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Paulaner Restaurant Manager


$ 7600 to $ 7800 per month




July 26 2017



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Main responsibilities:

- Serving as the Head of Department, Assistant Head of Department, Restaurant Supervisor, Outlet Manager and other position which might be given to you.
- Serving as an example to others by ensuring that you report to duty in accordance to the business attire, standard grooming and in due time.
- Making sure that professional and courteous services are provided to the customers at all time while all the employees are assigned.
- Making sure that our surrounding and place of work is well organized and kept at all time.
- Making sure that our team is executed to the highest service level and standard at all times.
- Making sure that our hotel products and services are well maintained by the hotel standard.
- Making sure that our concept is thoroughly understood for the purpose of training our employees.
- Making sure that the right terms of services and team guidance are ensured by setting anexample for other employees in line with the concept.
- Participating actively in the design of themenu and in cooperating with the Outlet Head Chef and Chef Sommelier.
- Making sure that the tasting of all dishes and new menus are organized on a daily basis.
- Making sure that all the restaurant scene, as well as the gastronomic character of a different destination, are known and recognized in the market.
- Making sure that all existing POS system operatives are trained based on their responsibilities and assigned to departments.
- Making sure that all reports and analyses about the outlets are produced to determine the monthly performance of each department.
- Making sure that all outletis run and led effectively with less cost and expenses while maintaining the highest quality.
- Making sure that all budgets relating to the outletare prepared.
- Conducting all the necessary monthly operating supplies and equipment studies with stewarding departments.
- Making sure that all errors relating to the set up are identified and corrected while breaking down operations.
- Making sure that your work schedule is flexible in lien with business patterns.
- Woking with the aim of establishing a connection with the personnel in People service department of the hotel.
- Making sure that the payroll control is effective and flexible to ensure the maximization of the utilization of our workforce with consideration of the part-time employees.
- Making sure that all equipment and operating supplies are monitored well.
- Making sure that all staff meetings, hotel initiated training and other training are attended and contributed to.
- Making sure that all meetingsare managed on a daily basis with the kitchen team as well as other teams working hand in hand to develop the success of the restaurant.
- Making sure that all necessary trainingis carried out by the department while ensuring that all necessary pre-shift meetings are conducted.
- Making sure that all incidents that disciplinary actions need to be taken are reported immediately to the Head of Department
- Working constantly to update the outlet operations manual by ensuring its review in line with the order of the Assistant Head of Department.
- Making sure that all product quality is improved on constantly while sourcing of the best products is done.
- Working with the aim of supporting the activities of all our suppliers.
- Working to monitor and improve our guest satisfaction and the quality of all our outlet.
- Organizing the necessary training which is required by our outlet as may be described or suggested by the department.
- Undertaking and performing different functions which may be assigned to you by the department as well as ensuring the response to changes as may be required by the department.
- Working by handling our guest complaints and inquiries about the outlet and ensuring that they are reported to the appropriate quarters courteously and efficiently.
- Making sure that all necessary procedures are established for the outlet to take cognisance of and follow.
- Standing in place of the Food and Beverage Head of Department or its assistant
- Getting responsibilities distributed to subordinates for the purpose of ensuring the implementation of multi-tasking principles.


- Ability to work and thrive under pressure.
- Ability to work proactively and rationally by bringing about solutions to problems.
- Ability to communicate well verbally and in written form.
- Ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships with different people including the hotel staff and clients.
- Ability to delegate functions as appropriate and ensure the identification of the right task to delegate.
- Ability to organize your time excellently.
- Ability to follow professional and confidential approach everytime.
- Ability to work well with prudence and safety in mind.

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