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Payroll Analyst


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Payroll Analyst


$ 5500 to $ 5700 per month




December 16 2017

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Our company, Cummins, provides the right opportunity for anyone to develop his career. We believe we are not too small nor large for you to learn your trade and to find your fit and passion. Our company is also a place where you can be coached on how to develop an international workforce creating a leading and clean technology. You will be saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring the management of our company’s payroll. Apart from this, you will be accountable for the delivery of all the payroll related customer services as well as providing support for the payroll accounting team.

Main responsibilities:

-Serving as an agent for the collection and processing of data into our payroll systems.
-Ensuring that you perform all sophisticated clerical duties which involve the preparation and handling of payrolls.
-Getting the payroll records and other reports prepared by you while maintaining records from mistakes.
-Building and developing designated back-up for the purpose of administering and processing the payroll.
-Doing all your possible best to identify problems and resolve them while liaising with other service providers.
-Preparing and maintaining both the standard and the ad-hoc reports as well as ensuring the completion of the SOX reconciliations.
-Supporting the Payroll Accounting team and the Cross-functional project teams.
-Ensuring that all requests, legal writs or verifications are responded well while problems related to the payroll are resolved.
-Using numerous systems effectively for the purpose of bringing about the development of the company.


-At least four years experience in the management and processing payroll in a large but automated company.
-A good understanding of the concepts and procedures used in payroll production.
-Ability to rely on previous experience and other judgment to plan and achieve some set of goals.
-Ability to resolve any problem that might result from payroll while serving as the direct worker of the Payroll Team.


-Payment is proportionate to experience.
-Other money-saving plans and insurance benefits.
-Other professional and personal benefits as provided by the company.

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