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Payroll And Billing Specialist


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Payroll And Billing Specialist


$ 4700 to $ 5000 per month




December 16 2018

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Our company seeks an individual who willprocessthe company’s payroll and billing. The right person will also be involved in auditing some assigned accounts and other TMW related automated processes. In case there are issues with the performance of the function, s/he will report to the Management or the Operations Field Staff. In addition to this, such individual must perform the responsibilities satisfactorily and diligently.


- GED, High School certification or its equivalent.
- At least two years experience working in a related field.
- Strong decision-making capabilities to solve problems.
- Analytical and problem solving skills.
- Personal characteristics like integrity, accountability, and positivity.
- Interpersonal and intercultural skills.
- Must be able to give room for little or no error.
- Ability to work with or without a team.
- Multitasking and time management skills
- Excellent communication skills to communicate with both the customers and the workers.
- Freedom in the way you operate coupled with the ability to work in a deadline-oriented location.
- Sensitivity to detail with a strong and ardent mind to follow practices.
- Computer literacy.
- A year experience in Warehouse, transportation or any other related field.
- Driver routing experience.

Main responsibilities:

- Compute wages and information which will detect any discrepancies which could exist in the payroll or billing sheet for reconciliation.
- Be in contact with the management, supervisor and the field staff to solve all the differences, issues or delay which could result in the billing or payroll.
- Check the truthfulness of the hours of work, attendance, and other information.
- Ensure that all the necessary adjustment is made and well documented as it may relate to the driver’s pay.
- Oversee the workflow of the team in charge of billing and payroll by ensuring that they deliver their works accurately and without wasting time.
- Develop your ability with the aim of serving our company better by improving your processing skills and accuracy.
- Ensure that the flexibility and focus of our group are well managed.
- Be sensitive to details and ensure that they are correctly input.
- Report any issue that might occur while performing your duties to either the management or supervisor.
- Perform other functions as may be required.

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