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Platform Procurement Manager M/f


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Platform Procurement Manager M/f


$ 7500 to $ 7700 per week


Stockholm, SWEDEN


September 21 2021

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Our company seeks an individual who will serve as the member of the Product Family multi-disciplinary core team who will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the BT Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy, Cost optimization and the assessment of all procurement risks and mitigation actions. The right individual will also be responsible for ensuring the flawless execution of all the product family under your responsibility to ensure the support of BT competitive product families and another competitive advantage in the market.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensuring the development of the Procurement and Supply Strategy by thesupport and liaising with Global Lead Buyers.
- Ensuring the procurement preparation as well inputs into all the necessary books for documentation and records.
- Working at a very close range with both Commodity and Global Lead buyers to ensure the implementation of the Procurement and Supply Chain Strategies in the Product Families with the aim of supporting the Full product life cycle in a commercial and technical manner.
- Ensuring the alignment of Product Family Sourcing with the BT Supplier panel while closing at when applicable all the exceptions with the Global Lead buyers.
- Bringing about theobtaining of a validated EBOM for all our product families and variants from Product Engineering teams.
- Managing and coordinating all the bill of material for all variants and product families.
- Making sure that all material cost initiatives which cover all the product life cycle with the aim of increasing its competitiveness are identified and implemented.
- Making sure that all the risks associated with Product families and variant procurement are identified and solved in a prompt action.
- Putting place all the necessary BT Procurement Bid policies and tools across the Product Family.
- Handing over all the necessary process in place to improve the continuity of the product development life cycle with all the necessary designated Project Procurement Managers.
- Participating in the contribution to the Blue Book Process alongside with the Support Procurement Bid governance and Procurement Bid teams.


- A degree in Engineering or Commerce coupled with a proven track record of success and technical background.
- MBA or MSC is desirable, but it is a secondary degree.
- A minimum of technical knowledge of all the different systems and materials as used in the business.
- Ten working experience in the procurement business with no exception to the experience in Project Management or Fiance.
- Knowledge of Lifecycle material cost.
- Excellent interpersonal or communication skills coupled with an international exposure to this type of work or other related works.
- Fluency in English is mandatory for this specific role.
- Ability and willingness to travel for up to ten percentage on a yearly basis within and outside the country.

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