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Principal Auditor


Expat Job

Principal Auditor


£ 5500 to £ 5700 per month




March 29 2024

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Main responsibilities:

- Be responsible for the provision of Value Added service which includes your contribution to the audit of the processes and other required systems across the business units of the Group.
- Have a good understanding of the information and framework available to you to successfully carry out your assignment. An auditor could assist you from the beginning to the end of your activities.
- Document all the processes, controls and systems that you are working on by making sure that you include flowchart, risk matrix and other documentation on the reviewed system.
- Ensure the effectiveness of the controls by test running the identified controls with a Test program that you create.
- Provide a practical solution to any risk or control discovered after the evaluation of risk, and other associated tests have efficiently been carried out.
- Collaborate with the Audit Manager and Principal Auditor to finalize and discuss any finding and conclusions made with the necessary quarters.
- Provide the required assistance needed by the Principal Auditor to review the delivery evidence.
- Develop a strong but effective relationship with the staff both your colleagues and IA staff as well as the external auditors with the aim of improving GwIA and its services.


- Must have a strong knowledge of the company’s procedures, its risks and the reasons why some tasks should be performed.
- Strong skill in summarizing and examining all the data and information gathered to infer from your findings.
- A highly principled person that is always ready to learn as well as manage his timeeffectively.
- A good understanding of how to develop and maintain a strong relationship with your entire colleague at your place of work.
- Excellent understanding of audit and account principles that apply to our organization and business.
- Communication skills to effectively pass information orally or in writing.
- Must be able to work with little or no supervision.
- Problem solving and audit management skills.
- Work with the budget and set time to meet the already laid down professional standard.
- Be a teamplayer who shares responsibility for the findings of the team.
- Positive attitude towards work.


- Must be able to embrace a flexible but principled approach to things.
- Leadership skills to relate work and manage a team.
- Ability to always provide the required innovation and creativity needed to catapult GwIA or a department to higher ground.
- Strong experience in mapping and analyzing process as well as risk auditing.
- Capable of delivering works at the right time
- A logical person who can pay attention to details.
- Working experience in audit and risk consultancy.
- ACA, ACCA or IIA qualification is important.

Desirable requirements:

- A good understanding of fixed revenue products, back office procedures, equities and property management.
- A sound knowledge of distribution, retail sales, and equities.

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