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Principal Software Engineer


Expat Job

Principal Software Engineer


€ 5000 to € 6000 per month




April 24 2024

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We seek an enthusiastic Principal Software Engineer who will be empowered by the Software Development Lead to own, define and evolve the technical solutions within the team as well as mentoring other Senior, Professional and Foundation Level Developers to progress.

Main responsibilities:

- Working closely with the team’s Software Development Lead to ensure the maintenance of product and code quality.
- Joining other Principal Engineers to define and implement engineering standards, tech radar and reusable frameworks within the Code.
- The candidate will also join with other Principal Engineers to define and implement engineering standards, tech radar and reusable frameworks within Code.
- Assisting in the delivery of Code Computerlove’s Lean or agile vision.
- Identifying and delivering measurable value and iterative products with your teams’ portfolio of clients.


- Passion about technology to a level that is far above all others.
- Ability to inspire and mentor other colleagues and team members to become as passionate and capable of you.
- A good understanding of how to select technology for a purpose as well as the ability to adapt quickly to your skills and code craftsmanship.
- Ability to shape and engineer your skills to ensure the delivery of awesome solutions to complex problems.

Essential skills and experience:

- Excellent understanding of what Code Craftmanship is including Clean Code, TDD, Refactoring techniques as well as demonstrating the understanding through collaborative working practices and pair coding.
- Experience with a range of technology as well as high capability with C#, NodeJS, Git, CI & Deployment automation.
- Demonstrated ability to demonstrate engineering practices/craftsmanship to new technology maybe via examples on your personal GitHub repo.
- Solid capability in the utilization of cloud services and DevOps practices in Azure or AWS.
- Adaptability to technology as well as being able to set direction quickly while being hungry to learn more.
- Being driven and capable of inspiring and training others around with an open, approachable and pragmatic mind is very important.
- Comfortable using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS while working with and learning from a Front End specialist in your team.
- Solid experience of Lean or Agile working practices as well as helping in driving improvements as a member of a team.
- Ensuring the reflection of passion in HOW you work and deliver solutions to problems as you do in the technology,
- Strong believe in terms like 'Craftsmanship', 'Clean Code', 'TDD', 'Self-Organising', 'Metrics', 'Fast Feedback' and 'Automate Everything'.

Desired requirements:

- Exposure to open source and enterprise level Content Management Systems (CMS).
- Already attending or speaking at tech community events in the North West.
- Ability to recognize the importance of the tech community to calibrate and learn from other best in industry engineers.

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