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December 3 2023

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The role of a producer is needed at Code to ensure that quality products and services are delivered on-time and iterative for the clients of the broken suit. The qualified candidate for the job is required to support the Account Director and Project Manager with the Account team and would work with a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that the plans, quality, deadline and budget are adhered to while maintaining communications and managing the expectations of the client, following processes and documentation all through.

The qualified candidate for the job must build confidence, earn trust, and gain the respect of the clients and the team through personal credibility in planning, management, collaborative delivery, and the deliverables quality

Main responsibilities:

- Defining and leading projects. Collaborating with the wider team, identifying and documenting project objectives, scope, timescales, estimates, risks, benefits, and ROI by using the available analytics and data to determine the accurate path for the product or service
- Organizing and delivering projects to the set plan and budget, assessing risks and revising whenever applicable to be able to accommodate change
- Communicating projects and creating client relationships.
- Building excellent and long term relationships with the clients, and providing them the best experience they can get in the agency.
- Maintaining communication continually, and proactively and efficiently aligning expectations
- Supporting the driving of change in their organization, and the challenges faced by their Stakeholders
- Communicating the information on budget and team capacity all through the lifespan of the project to teams of internal stakeholders with support from the Project Manager if necessary.
- Managing issues proactively to reduce the risks in project delivery and client relationship
- Leading a team, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating the team to work together efficiently top achieve the goals of projects and improve the performance and effectiveness of the team
- Supporting the team in resolving conflicts and sharing learnings with the core values of your role model Code and the things you stand for
- Displaying self-creativity as a problem solver by being the enabler and the fixer because projects are not always “business as usual.”
- Managing budget as well as ensuring that the team works on the set plan, and deliver their tasks on schedule and budget.
- Allowing the team members to take part in the planning session that is to be bought into the plan, and they must be able to take responsibility for whatever they deliver
- Tracking the progress of the project, ensuring that the expectations of the budget are managed with the clients whenever applicable so as to ensure that additional effort is accounted for.
- Managing internal expectations around the over-runs of budget and the associated resourcing impact
- Administrating. Ensuring that the documentation of the project is always current, and job folders correctly set up and maintained
- Ensuring the weekly update of job records and Paprika, and supporting the reporting and routines of the Account Team
- Maintaining a good understanding of the wider service offering of the Code and in-house capabilities in line with the areas of business
- Maintaining the awareness of trends and technologies that are new and emerging, and the potential they have within the project of clients
- Being mindful of the objectives of the agency, and working with the Account team to be able to deliver against them


- A Degree level of education, although not compulsory
- Experience of “agency life” is a plus
- High tolerance for ambiguity, working on projects or with clients who have an unfamiliar area of business. Ability to adapt and move the project forward
- Gaining experience and the ability to know the products inside out to support the team as the knowledge holder and use the available data or evidence to support the needs of clients and add the highest value to their products
- A strong passion for digitals, with eagerness to learn, as part of a personal development plan to gather as much knowledge progressing through your time at Code
- Skills in planning, organizing and coordinating effectively
- Ability to motivate and inspire a team, with leadership skills
- A sound communication and negotiation skill, with the ability to adapt a leadership style to deal with different people and environments
- An agile individual with the ability to adapt to change, and looking for ways to improve delivery, teams and your products always
- A positive attitude and a strong work ethic
- A well-organized individual that is detail driven and result oriented
- A professional certification is a plus. A certificate in lean or agile methodologies including Scrum, DDSM or Kanban would be preferred. A certification in Prince 2 is beneficial but not practiced at Code actively
- Experience working within the digital industry is a plus
- An individual who embraces challenges takes proactive approaches, ability and understands the importance of building trust and displaying competency.

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