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Product Executive Sapco


$ 8200 to $ 8500 per month




September 24 2021

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Our company seeks an intelligent and influential individual who is exciting, experienced and better in performing functions as a Product Executive for our company in Jubail. You will report to our business manager about every move.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all the functions at the BU are supported to bring about the management of all the operating cost control and the planning of sales and operations.
- Making sure that all the Chemicals’ strategy is achieved to grow our company to the right target.
- Making sure that all the Product Cycle stages are accountable to for the purpose of improving our marketing strategy.
- Liaising with different people for the purpose of developing excellent products which are in lien with all the regulatory requirements as required.
- Making sure that all activities partaken in are made to contribute to the increment of our company’s business and opportunities.
- Making sure that all necessary technical pieces of advice are given to improve our company’s viability.
- Making sure that all our market research are carried out in bringing excellent and innovative offers while contributing exceedingly to the marketing materials of all the produced products as may be assigned.
- Producing all the reports that are necessary for the production of a balanced scorecard that is based on data.
- Working for the purpose of building our marketing agreement for the assigned products with the help of SBU Petrochemicals’ production plants to bring about success.
- Working with all the sources for the purpose of ensuring the pricings of all the products to make the necessary pricing decisions.
- Making sure that the best allocation of the assigned product’s materials is gathered for the purpose of making informed pricing decisions while accounting for all the regional variations of work.


- A university degree in any of Engineering, Business Management or Marketing.
- At least five years of experience in business or marketing.
- A thorough knowledge of thechemical industry business environment.
- A good understanding of both Business and Marketing Management Principles.
- Proficiency in Finance and Accounting practice as well as the ability to market, price and research in themarket.
- Ability to plan, organise and implement all the plans as expected.

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