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Product Manager


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September 24 2021

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Yangon Office is searching for a product Manager in Myanmar who will be able to carry out different activities assigned in the best interest of the company.

Main responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the candidate are divided into four categories which are:

- Product Development:

• Analyzing and refreshing product catalog on an
• Conducting product research throughout Myanmar to develop unique touring ideas and products
• Working closely with sales teams on agent production
• Designing and pricing the online B2B Tariff on a yearly basis.
• Seeking actively new suppliers which include restaurants, hotels, among others as well as building working relationships with them.
• Analyzing client feedback as well as improving or changing products as needed.
• Developing tools that help sales as well as understanding and selling the right products to the right agents.
• Researching and helping in the development of client profiles for sales and operations.
• Staying informed of global and regional travel trends.
• Analyzing Easia’s target markets and ensuring the availability of the products for all markets
• Meeting clients, VIP and fam trips if requested
• Training and mentoring the team to ensure that they perform task by Easia standards and expectations
- Communication and Marketing:
• Keeping fact sheets and materials on B2B site up to date
• Delivering clear and precise information for the bi-weekly product newsletter
• Alerting marketing to any urgent matters that require a newsflash alert
• Monitoring external communications from competitors as well as local media for new product ideas or information that may affect current products
- Training:
• Developing useful and effective training materials
• Conducting training sessions with sales & operations for new products
• Coaching new sales on how to develop a good itinerary
• Conducting guide training regarding new products, client expectations, and similar topics
- General Duties:
• Managing and Mastering the day to day work
Managing the product executively to make the team autonomous.
• Helping other colleagues when needed as the case may be.
• Identifying and reporting to Country Manager areas that need improvement.
• Backing up works when necessary.
• Being available for any other request by the management

Terms of the contract:

- The required length of stay is a minimum of three years.
- Always report to the Head of Product in Hanoi and Country Manager Myanmar.

Qualification Requirements:

- Fluency in both written and spoken English while communication skills in German, French, Italian or Spanish is a plus.
- Management & organization skills.
- Ability to work independently at times.
- At least two years’ experience in tourism field is desired.
- A great knowledge of places and itineraries in Myanmar is also desirable.
- Excellent personal spoken presentations with visuals.
- Willingness and availability to travel around under simple conditions.
- Creativity and autonomy with a good sense of products evaluation.
Knowledge of data processing including PC and Microsoft software is required

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