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Product Specialist - Sp


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Product Specialist - Sp


$ 7000 to $ 7500 per month


Sao Paulo, BRAZIL


September 28 2021

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Our company currently seeks an individual that will serve as its Product Specialist. The Marketing Manager of the company will supervise the employed Product Specialist.

Main responsibilities:
- Be in charge of the development and regulation of the product marketing strategy and its implementations as may be required.
- Analyse our business to determine our growth, sales, prices and our competitor's strength and weaknesses.
- Ensure that our products are successfully launched into the Brazilian market
- Develop and implement the best action plans to maintain the success of our products in the Brazilian market.
- Use the right tools to determine how best the products could perform/perform in the Brazilian Market and increase its sales on different sales platforms.
- Evaluate the profit made against the expected sales while making sure that the best approach and initiatives are taken to increase the sales.
- Convert prospects to sales and ensure that you develop new business by getting more new offers and expanding the company’s customer base with the help of theSales team.
- Educate the sales team to increase their knowledge about each product.
- Personalise the training of each relevant individuals that are meant to be trained based on their needs.
- Support the Customers and Sales Departments as may be required.
- Communicate with our partners and Support Center constantly.
- Collaborate with the BL to manage strategic information that will help the company convert opportunities to sales.
- Update all the product information and make them available for use by the relevant team.

The company currently hope to employ an intelligent, energetic and committed individual that can work with a strong but successful team that is visionary and always trying to break records. The right person must be ready to grow, learn, unlearn and advance within a particular period. In addition to this, the right individual must be able to collaborate with the right team to ensure that the customers are satisfied. To successfully deliver, you must have a strong understanding of the sales and must be able to develop and implement strategies to improve the sales. Moreso, you must be able to understand what the customers need, the competitors and other opportunities attached to the business. Ability to convert aprospect into sales is also a required skill that you must have.

- Proficient in the sales process.
- Previous involvement in the creation and determination of value.
- Ability to lead and develop.
- Skilled in the use of Sales Process Applications like SPS
- Sales and Marketing experience is required.
- Must be able to use Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Note, and Internet
- Capable of speaking and writing English at a fluent level.
- A Bachelor degree in Business Administration or any other similar discipline is required.
- Have a strong knowledge of how to manage money or finances.
- A proactive, customer oriented and result driven person.
- Must be able to organize, communicate and relate to different people.
- Capable of working with or without a team.
- Leadership skill to lead people and drive them into performing better.
- An open-minded fellow that is always ready to achieve the best.
- Interest in developing our market.
- Must be able to work and travel to different locations to assist other salespersons as may be required.

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