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Production Supervisor


Expat Job

Production Supervisor


$ 5800 to $ 6000 per month




March 3 2024

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With our mouth-watering offer to over three thousand people who support business transaction (like distribution, sales, and processing) on milk in the United States local markets and our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, our company, Borden Dairy Company is the best choice for you. The company is known by its customers to be one of the best in the production of milk products for either foodservice or retail. Like Gail Borden, Jr. had brought structure and stability to the methods used in dairyfarming; our company follows his legacy and practices. We aim to strive for the best for our customers just like how our founder did.

About the job:

As a supervisor, your work is to oversee the coordination and direction of shift level and other activities that would make sure that all our operations and quality are efficient and assured to be of the highest quality respectively.


- Collaborate with both the supervisory staff and the plant management team for the direction, review, assignment and oversee of all the staff under supervision.
- Make sure that all the right procedures, actions, and processes are not only put in place but are strictly followed to bring about efficiency in the production process which affects the product quality.
- Work as the mentoring and instruction of all the employees as to the standards and procedures involved in the production and equipment departments.
- Be responsible for the implementation and enforcement of all the policies at hand as it may relate to all our employees.
- Perform the inspection of all our products with the aim of verifying their level of conformance to the laid down specifications.
- Manage the coordination of all schedules related to production as well as provide an estimation of the work hour which would bring about efficiency.
- Be responsible for the evaluation of all what we need to improve our daily work.
- Provide the best suggestions that would improve all the production methods which would improve the quality of our products.
- Bringing about the organizational change needed in the company by leading all our production operations.
- Reconcile all the receipts of both contact and daily suppliers with the aim of settling all form of discrepancies.
- Providing the implementation and driving all of the consistency needed in the process.
- Ensuring that the necessary collaboration which would lead to a continuous improvement of the methodology that would save time and cost is embraced.

Educational qualification:

- A Diploma (High School) or a similar certification while a university degree is desired.


- At least five years’ experience in effective production supervision in food or manufacturing industry.
- Ability to build, maintain and bring about the best but positive relationships that are needed to improve the company’s strategy and efficiency.
- Experiences in solving different problems using your cognitive ability and experience.
- Skills in the analyzation and interpretation of data.
- Good relation with people around you as well as people at different levels of the organization.
- Willing to work based on schedules and make business recommendations.

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