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Program Manager


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Program Manager


$ 2500 to $ 4000 per month


Ontario, CANADA


September 29 2021

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The applicant will report to Operations Manager and work in relationship with Clients and third party supplier as well as interact with other internal departments which include, but not limited to, Sourcing Coordinators, Sourcing Managers, , Meeting Coordinators, Meeting Managers, , Project Account Managers, Attendee Management, Creative Department, Web Producers, Industry Relations, Project Accounting, Account Management, Account Executives, and Program Operations with the interest of the company at hand.

Job Responsibilities:


- Reviewing all supplier contracts before finalization, ensuring both program specific and generic terms and conditions are accurate and legally protective of both GBT and the client, including attrition dates, cancellation policies, etc.
- Using the appropriate authorization and addendum form to ensure consistency and accuracy of the supplier’s contracts in line with the policy and interest of the company.
- Completing project timeline as well as establishing a workflow schedule with the clients and suppliers with the aim of facilitating prompt and accurate handling of all program details.
- Managing and negotiating any hotel needs, destination management company (DMC), air and all other third party contracts including monitoring attrition dates, cancellation policies and ensuring contracted services are executed.
- Communicating between Information Technology Support and clients on web requirements on assigned programs.
- Coordinating creative team with the aim or producing high standard program materials and may be required to coordinate and attend site inspections as the case may be.
- Partnering with designated team to communicate registration and air needs, status meetings and continuous communication throughout the program.
- Coordinating all program details and producing a program itinerary or working agenda that outlines all program specifics and requirements.
- Participating in program debrief with the client.
- Accounting to complete final bill, reviewing final billing before final invoicing to the client.
- Ensuring consistency of client branding guidelines as well as maintaining accurate records, system input, and complete file management as outlined in GBT and client policies and procedures.
- Evaluating program impact and reassessing objectives and outcome as well as planning for the continuous improvement of the company.
- Assisting with any level of the event including those of a complex nature, large volume, high level of confidentiality, international scope, etc.
- Outlining strategy, communication plans, and process for assigned programs.
- Utilizing business program management system for all phases of program management without prejudice to sourcing, contract negotiation, planning, and final bill completion, while maintaining a very high level of data integrity and timeliness.
- Coordinating sponsorship, advertisement, and promotion of programs with the suppliers.


- Updating business management systems with accurate financial information as needed to ensure accurate program forecasting.
- Managing the overall program budget, reviews, and audits of all program related billing for the purpose of accuracy.
- Tracking and reporting expenses to clients as well as communicating changes to them consistently.
- Initiating and reconciling supplier payments when necessary.
- Working with the leader to forecast overall program financials and ensuring monthly tracking for actual.
- Monitoring foreign exchange rates for sharp fluctuations which may impact the profitability of sold programs.
- Analyzing financial information with the aim of determining cost-effective strategies.
- Overseeing the documentation of negotiated savings by the clients.


- Ensuring the execution of program objectives by working closely with the client on a day-to-day basis.
- Ensuring understanding of expectations and client satisfaction by maintaining proactive, positive, open line of communication with Business development manager and client.
- Partnering with third-party suppliers with the aim or arranging their services.
- Conducting regularly scheduled status meetings with client and stakeholders from prelaunch through program operation.
- Managing VIP special projects and overseeing VIP logistics as at when required.

- Acting as an extension of the sale team and as sole GBT representative during site inspections and program operations.


- Working on special projects as assigned by the Director or Operations Manager.
- Traveling to destinations worldwide for client site inspection and program operations as the case may be.
- Providing necessary guidance and leadership needed for the promotion of the safety of the clients, travel participants and other GBT employees by implementing or supporting prescribed crisis programs as there is an inherent risk associated with all traveling, often as a result of extraordinary circumstances.
- Keeping abreast of industry standards and trends related to responsibilities.


- A minimum of seven to ten years’ experience in Event by Event program management/procurement required.
- Proven ability to promote change and efficiencies that are needed within an organization.
- Ability to travel by airplane, boat, rail or car as the case may be accounting for 10-20% of the time.
- Proven ability to develop cost sheets as well as implementing costing strategies.
- Extensive domestic and international destination knowledge are required.
- Prior successful experience in the developing, managing and maintaining key client and supplier relationships.
- CMP designation a plus.
- Prior experience in effectively handle multiple projects/demands
- Strong knowledge of program/event management and budget maintenance.
- College degree preferred.
- Proven aptitude for technology and software solutions and analytical skills required.

Skills Required:

- Intermediate skill on MS Excel is required
- Advanced skill on MS Outlook is required
- Intermediate Skill on MS PowerPoint is required.
- Intermediate Skill on MS Word is required
- Intermediate Skill on Windows is required.

Main Competencies:

- The ability to learn and analyze different problems and programs.
- The ability to adapt easily to any climate and time zone as the case may be and being resourceful.
- The ability to add a touch of creativity and innovation to the established rules of the company.
- Ability to plan and manage financials in the interest of the company.
- Initiating different creative and highly successful programs.

Judgment & Decisiveness:

- Ability to negotiate and strike a deal in the interest of the company.
- Have a good command of both written and spoken form of the language of communication.
- Ability to make an oral presentation
- Being able to plan and organize programs as when needed.
- Ability to perform well in process Management, Operation or Control.
- Having an up to date professional and technical knowledge about the field or related field.
- Ability to work with all resilience and tenacity in relationship to others with a bid of bringing about the high quality of works and services.
- Ability to tolerate stress and work given the presence of stress.

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