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Project Coordinator, Community-based Performance Optimization Projects


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Project Coordinator, Community-based Performance Optimization Projects


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October 4 2021

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HJF seeks an intelligent and excellent individual that will be able to serve as support for the Consortium for Health and Military Performance in the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine (MEM) at Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, Maryland.Our company is responsible for the provision of all the necessary programmatic, technical and scientific services to MEM as well as being responsible for coordinating all the aspects of nutrition research study at the selected military installation sites under the supervision of the Performance Nutrition Director. Your responsibility is to schedule and conduct training, communication with study site and ensure the provision of remote and hands-on assistance with the implementation of all the programs at our study site as well as the monitor of all the programs to ensure a prompt completion. You will also work on the literature review of all the topics that are Total Force Fitness and Human Performance Optimisation related. Moreover, you will be saddled with the responsibility of assisting in the preparation of manuscripts, posters, and presentations for Teaching Kitchen research study and other HPO research projects.

Main responsibilities:

- Coordinating all the program implementation as a part of your research study at the selected military installations.
- Serving as the consultant monitoring the research sites on the implementation of all programs for a research study.
- Representing the CHAMP on planning bodies and committees with the aim to push their interests.
- Conducting all the program Fidelity Assessments at the selected research sites while ensuring that all the staff there are trained.
- Ensuring that all the activities comply with the program requirements and timeliness as while being able to gather and analyze information as regards to the identification and success over problems.
- Engaging all the stakeholders at the research sites with the aim of providing them proposed solutions which will help in bringing about successful meeting milestone promptly.
- Ensuring the creation of program resources and new training for use on the site with PowerPoint, Excel, Word and website serving as platforms.
- Working extensively to research and compile PubMed articles on Total Force Fitness (TFF) Human Performance Optimization (HPO) and nutrition topics.
- Assisting in the analysis, interpretation, and summary of all the literature tends to bring about program improvements and the preparation of manuscripts.
- Serving as an aid to the Performance Nutrition Director in writing, and editing all technical papers for publication as well as papers for reviewed journal based on experimental results.
- Bringing about the creation of scientific posters and other PowerPoints presentations to be used by the Director of Performance Nutrition at any professional meeting.
- Providing all the necessary administrative support as may be required in the program and research studies with no exception to meeting planning, meeting minutes recording among others.
- Writing and editing all the resources with program guidance for study sites purposes.
- Serving as an aid to CHAMP on its outreach efforts while working as a team member in the education and research team.
- Serving as an aid to all other staff members to interpret literature as well as perform all other duties as may be assigned.


- A thorough understanding and knowledge of the community-based health promotion approaches and behavior change theory
- Excellent interpersonal, communication and project coordination skills.
- Proficiency in the use of theword, power point, and PubMed.
- A master degree in Public Health or similar degrees is required.
- At least two years of experience as a Research Assistant, Project Coordinator or similar position for community-based studies.
- A minimum of ten percent of travel is needed.

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