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Project Engineer


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Project Engineer


$ 6000 to $ 6300 per month




September 21 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all the sales orders are managed to ensure its adherence to the agreed terms.
- Making sure that suppliers are followed up for the purpose of ensuring that the deliveries are delivered on time while qualities and clarifications are also made in line with the contract made with the customer.
- Making sure that the group work closely with the customer for the purpose of ensuring the compliance of the needs and interests of the customer in the order made.
- Making sure that all the activities for a project is well planned, scheduled and implemented.
- Performing check on goods to ensure its compliance with the specification of the order.
- Ensuring that the promised dates are updated when the needs arise for the concerned buyers to be able to have an idea about the likely delivery date.
- Making sure that all Bill of Material issued while the documents are transferred freely without any hindrance.
- Making sure that all backlog registers are maintained, and subsequent monthly reports with data as to the delivery performance are provided.
- Making sure that all after-sales issues are reported to the right quarters.
- Ensuring the organisation of visit to the factory at the time it is required most especially after project order meeting.
- Making sure that the customer satisfaction is not affected negatively while daily accountability is maintained.
- Making sure that inventory is provided and maintained for the purpose of moving goods very fast.


- At least 92 percent of prompt delivery coupled with the ability to provide highly effective vendor evaluation of routine performance.
- The increment of our customer satisfaction as well as achieving a minimum of 90% order fulfilment.
- Improvement in different cross-functional interactions as well as the development and execution of sourcing strategies.
- The increment of shipment forecast for the purpose of ensuring theeffectiveness of both forecast and plan.
- Making sure that all purchase orders are processed promptly at most within two days as well as ensuring the improvement of processes and follow up.
- Making sure that all the delivery cycle time are decreased while schedules are adheredto.
- Ensuring the identification and implementation of all order fulfilment as well as ensuring the analysis of production workflow.
- Ensuring the documentation of orders with no delay for the purpose of ensuring a fast payment.
- Ability to make sure that transactions carried out are done through Oracle while amendments to orders are made in compliance with the law and are fully documented.
- Ability to reduce all non-moving inventory while ensuring the completion of documentation as agreed.


- Certification as a Mechanical or Production Engineer.
- At least three years working experience as a manufacturing expertise.
- Proficiency in the use of MS Project, Oracle and AutoCAD.
- Ability to speak English and Arabic preferably.
- Familiarity with Middle East customers.

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