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Project Manager Engineering


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Project Manager Engineering


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September 17 2021

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We seek an individual with a strong engineering background to be responsible for the high-level project management in a global satellite systems platform.

Scopes as defined:

- Participating in all the necessary development and analysis of customer requirements.
- Working to identify all the necessary customer deliverables which include production items like software, customer racks among others.
- Creating all the project plans as well as identifying or securing resources which are required for all project tasks.
- Ensuring the identification of all the internal deliverables which include plans, documents, prototypes, among others.
- Coordinating all the procurement and selection of all the parts, materials and components with suppliers as well as ensuring that all the necessary but comprehensive plan and schedule are coordinated.
- Managing and maintaining all the project plan and schedule as well as managing all the necessary third party development.
- Leading the team with the aim of coordinating design, development, documentation test and other necessary things.
- Applying standard techniques, processes, procedures, and criteria for engineering assignments.
- Coordinating all the pre-production and design transfer to manufacturing as well as ensuring the coordination of all the initial customer deliverables.
- Conducting well planned but effective meetings which will ensure the driving of different actions.


- Ability to bring about the continuous improvement of processes.
- Excellent communication skills and the excellent ability to manage different customer interface while providing astatus update on the management and different engineering groups.
- Excellent communication skills with the ability to see and work towards the big vision through prioritized tasks.
- Ability to manage time skilfully and obtain different but multiple tasks and programs while tracking and maintaining issues.
- Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office suites and the ability to effectively work in a fast paced environment meeting stringent deadlines.
- A wide range of experience and the ability to use professional concepts in resolving complex issues.
- Ability to work on hard, complex and problematic situations which requirein-depth evaluation of variable factors
- Ability to exercise judgment in the selection of methods, techniques, and different evaluation criteria for obtaining results.
- Ability to use different and independent judgment to bring an accurate completion of projects and assignment

Education or Experience Requirements:

- A minimum of University degree in EE, CS or any other related degree.
- At least five years of software and hardware engineering development.
- At least seven years experience in project management, electronics, and circuit development.

Other Requirements:

- At least five percentage of travel to various sites as may be required.

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