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Quality Manager


Expat Job

Quality Manager


$ 8000 to $ 8200 per month




February 25 2024

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Our company seeks an individual who can lead and relate to people with at least an Associate Degree and previous experience as a quality manager or supervisor. Specifically, the duty of the Quality Manager is to lead our Mazomanie Team in a bright and clean environment with climate controlled facilities. Our company majors in the creation of best architectural and entertainment lighting systems.

Main responsibilities:

Representative responsibilities:

- Serve as the leader in a product or company quality meeting.
- Ensure the accurate and proper data of a meeting.
- Take responsibility of bringing about the review of all the necessary data by the team as well as to ensure the identification of contemporary issues which require solutions.
- Ensure the assignation of items for completion with the right supervision from your end.
- Ensure the taking and the distribution of the minutes of the meetings in the right way.
- Review all the quality reports with the appropriate team on a monthly basis.
- Collaborate with the Manufacturing Engineering, R&D and the Manufacturing teams with the aim of ensuring the design of a quality product.
- Collaborate with the necessary departments to set-up and effect necessary changes in our annual goals as may be required.
- Assist in the creation of the departmental budget as well as to ensure the follow up of any discovered variance.
- Oversee the obtaining of all the necessary tools and resources that are needed by each department.
- Ensure the compliance of the products shipped with the needs and the expectations of the customers.
- Work with all our Quality inspectors as at when needed.
- Maintain the ISO process alongside with the Quality, System Coordinator.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
- Oversee and collaborate with all other departments in setting out and fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities to the company.
- Ensure that your department builds an excellent relationship with other departments in the company.
- Perform HR functions which include hiring, orientation, career development among others.
- Ensure the Formulation, implementation, and review of the ISO procedures which guide all our activities in the department.
- Ensure that all our employees have a good knowledge of our procedures, plans, progress and work instructions.
- Ensure the report of all departmental activities to the appropriate record.
- Study the efficiency of the department to know how to give a plausible improvement to the department as it may be necessary.

Other responsibilities:

- Perform all special projects and requests, and other functions as may be assigned to you promptly and efficiently.

Education and Experience:

- A minimum of an Associate Degree in Manufacturing Engineering or anequivalent degree but with at least four years experience as in Quality assessment.
- A Bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering or any related discipline.
- At least one year of supervisory experience is required.
- In the absence of the supervisory experience at least four years of quality experience which is gained from a related position in the Quality Department.


- A thorough knowledge of the company’s policies.
- Ability to lead and motivate people
- Ability to communicate, organize and relate with people well.
- Ability to identify a problem, analyze it and proffer solutions to it.
- Ability to render customer support services.
- Proficiency with the use of PC.

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