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Regional Marketing Manager


Expat Job

Regional Marketing Manager


$ 7500 to $ 7800 per month




April 21 2024

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Our company, VitalSmarts, seeks an intelligent and experienced individual to work as a Regional Marketing Manager. Such individual will take care of all the oversight relating to regional marketing strategies of our company. Apart from that, all marketing initiatives would be executed and conceptualized by you to support our multiple sales regions bringing about optimization in revenue, market, and sales success.

Main responsibilities:

- Working in our company to develop all our leads plans for the purpose of bringing about the activities that would meet our revenue targets.
- Making sure that all the strategy to meet market demand are executed, considered and participated in.
- Liaising with the Marketing and Sales team for the purpose of bringing about revenue from lead through the constant but weekly monitoring of all the pipeline growth.
- Serving as a special sales rep for the purpose of defining all marketing plans which will drive revenues.
- Using all the resources available across within the marketing team for the purpose of bringing about regular and systematized campaigns.
- Communicating with the assigned persons as regards to the analytics on a regular basis while ensuring that all the reporting tools and regional scorecards are developed for demand generation purpose.
- Making sure that the Opportunity Development Team and Sales Reps are trained on different marketing campaigns and strategies.


- A university degree in Marketing and any other related field is required while a Master’s degree is preferred.
- At least five years of relevant experience in any similar marketing role in a B2B business is preferred.
- Experience with automation marketing platforms like
- Ability to implement sales and marketing strategies successfully to bring about outcomes.
- Ability to analyze, report and solve problems while working on different projects at a time.
- Ability to pay attention to both detail and accuracy while being highly dependable.
- Ability to communicate with different people either through writing or speech.
- Ability to collaborate with others to perform different jobs while complying with work ethics.


- Ability to collect and research on different data while using your experience and intuition.
- Ability to solve problems, identify and develop alternative solutions to the problems.
- Ability to relate with people by maintaining confidentiality in solving conflicts and not blame others.
- Ability to remain to listen to other people’s ideas, develop new things and put your feelings under control.
- Ability to think strategically for the purpose of bringing about the achievement of the organizational goals.
- Ability to motivate people to overcome and achieve challenging goals which may serve as obstacles to our success.
- Ability to take responsibilities for your actions and complete tasks promptly.
- Ability to take on different works in an organized manner and the ability to manage time well.
- Ability to pay attention to details as well as being accurate and thorough with works.
- Ability to collaborate with other persons for the purpose determining the possible solutions of a problem.

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