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Release/ Program Manager


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Release/ Program Manager


$ 8500 to $ 8700 per month




May 18 2024

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We seek an individual who is very intelligent to be responsible for the overseeing of our products to meet the best standards and objectives based on our targets. The role will be responsible for the training of the development departments on release tasks development and activities definition. You will be responsible on a daily basis for the facilitation of release meetings and other necessary support for the development of software and management of release and final delivery.


- A university degree or working experience in a similar position or discipline.
- At least five years working experience in the development of software.
- At least one year experience in Release Manager position in Scrum environment.
- Ability to manage different projects efficiently.
- Ability to deliver a large scale of products within the SDLC phases.
- Ability to team up with other teams for the development of applications and the promotion of the automation.
- Ability to communicate well, collaborate and provide feedback.
- Proficiency with Change Management Tools, and other change management related activities and board.
- Ability to analyze and resolve problems.
- Ability to establish and management excellent relationships with our customers, workers, and stakeholders.
- A sound knowledge of the applications related to electric utility and a host of other enterprise applications is a plus.
- Ability to understand Agile Principles, practices, and values are highly important.

Primary responsibilities:

- Release Management (90%)

• Be responsible for the activities for the overall release for our partner.
• Be responsible for the coordination of all our cross-platform resources and organizations to ensure the implementation of the release strategies while tracking all the activities that are related to the release in line with Go Live Schedules.
• Be responsible for the identification of the impacts of all releases on our business to ensure their compliance with our plans.
• Oversee and coordinate our release windows with Change and Release Manager and the required groups.
• Participate in all the daily reports for the progression and support of our release.

- Process Improvement: 10%

• Be accountable to the necessary quarters by utilizing the best tools and practices.
• Be responsible for the organization and facilitation of all release retrospectives.
• Be responsible for the promotion of improvement on a continuous basis.
• Be responsible for the training and coaching of all our scrum teams to bring about excellent release planning.

- Communications:

• Ensure the promotion of communication in a professional manner between other departments and the application group.
• Earn respect and trust of your team members by using your positive attitude to promote the behavior of your team.
• Ensure that your team meets the high standards you have set for the team.
• Ensure an active and effective participation in all Agile Scrum meetings.
• Make sure that all non-technical users understand all technical terms.
• Work on all issues and report them to the right quarter based on the team boundaries.
• Develop the standards and practices required for the planning of our release while collaborating with Product Owners.
• Make sure that your team meets the standards and strategies required while working with the right persons.

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