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Risk Analyst M/f


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Risk Analyst M/f


€ 8700 to € 9000 per month


Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG


December 1 2018

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Our company currently seeks an individual who can serve as the Risk Analyst of our company with the aim of analyzing risks and developing the best approach to manage the overall risk of a firm.

Main responsibilities:

- Be responsible for the development, documentation, and review of the framework required for the management of risks as regards to the funds which are invested in various classes of financial asset.
- Be responsible for the analysis, and identification of risks relating to both the fund invested and the management of the company.
- Analyze, build and implement the best risk minimizing methods either qualitative or quantitative to address credit, market or other operational related risks.
- Make sure that the company complies with the established limits for risk on a timely and regular basis.
- Be responsible for the periodic review and monitoring of risk management policies and frameworks to reduce risk.
- Perform several activities which are required for the development of RiskMetrics which is meant for risk management through stress test production, framework validation and a host of others.
- Escalate reports which are beyond your control to the necessary quarters for risk management effectiveness.
- Ensure the implementation of the best tracking for risk valuation and valuation supervision.
- Collaborate with other services providers and other workers for the monitoring of investment to ensure risk effectiveness.
- Take charge by contributing to the regulatory reportings to be in line with the set statutory standards.
- Ensure the definition of all our investment rules to meet the restriction standards and a host of others.
- Implement all rules created after their approvals using our compliance tools
- Identify and report potential breaches to the appropriate quarters.
- Be responsible for the maintenance of the quality of our data in our various fields and ensure their compliance with the laid down rules and policies.


- A degree in Mathematics or Finance.
- A minimum of three years’ experience in the management of risk.
- Ability to utilize your entrepreneurial mind in developing our company.
- Communication skills and the ability to explain technical stuff to non-technical individuals.
- Ability to solve problems easily.
- Ability to communicate excellently in English or French.
- Knowledge of financial products, Risk Metrics, Access and a host of risk management tools is a plus.
- Knowledge of illiquid asset is an asset.

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