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Sales Engineer


Expat Job

Sales Engineer


$ 5500 to $ 5700 per month




October 26 2023

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We seek an excellent and highly intelligent individual to take care of different sales projects.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensuring the participation in hands-on equipment training to ensure the understanding of all equipment ground up as well as the development of relationships with all the existing customers.
- Being responsible for following the leads with their clients, landing businesses, creating opportunities and making cold calls with no exclusion to the development and cultivation of all customer relationships across the different industries through interpersonal relationships.
- Attending sales conferences, industry tradeshows and other functions for the purpose of putting the equipment and services to the clients, building good name and reputations for NOV and establishing links with the clients.
- Making sure that the customer satisfaction with NOV Rolligon is placed as priorities in all the offices.
- Making sure that all the performance of our equipment and company based on the customers’ viewpoint are reported to the people in charge who are the management and engineering team.
- Providing quotations and cost estimates which are subject to the management approval for the purpose of presenting it to the customers.
- Touring our facility as well as conducting technical presentations and other associated events which they deem will affect the customers’ relationship with Rolligon positively.
- Liaising with different corporate credit group and the accounting department with the main purpose of responding to the AR collection issues.
- Setting up a standard price book as well as developing sales presentation material while working with the market.
- For the legal review of the customer contracts, you will need to liaise with the corporate legal group as when needed.
- Liaising with the Corporate Compliance group with the aim of ensuring that new customers and agents are properly vetted.
- Having a good understanding of all the Revenue recognition policies of NOV and other policies which affect the Revenue recognition indirectly.
- Reviewing the cost analysis cost on previous projects with the aim of verifying the accurate cost of the present project.
- Developing special techniques which will help in the simplification of cost analysis of project as well as managing a large contract and the main account customers.
- Preparing the annual budget plans and updates, profit and loss and other basic finance calculations.
- Assisting with the accounting to ensure the expedition of all late A/R payments.
- Creating contract or sales folders as well as making sure that they are all populated with original specifications.
- Reviewing all the dues date actively for the purpose of ensuring the collection of all dues as well as coordinating L/C, Bid Bond, and Performance Bond effectively.
- Advising the management on a lot of things especially on the competitive information.
- Overseeing the unit pre-shipment packages and ensuring that the goods when sent and received by the customers are well assembled.
- Developing all the existing designs based on the customer feedback by working with the engineering teams.
- Evaluating the current product alignments by understanding all current and future market.
- Developing different but new products by working with both the engineering team and the customers.
- Engaging in conceptual drawings and models combined with weight analyses by using CAD programs and other engineering software.


- A Bachelor’s degree in any relevant engineering field or the equivalent years of education or full-time work experience.
- Ability and experience to use oilfield equipment are preferred while a valid US Driver’s License is required.
- Ability to travel at least for 60% of your work time including about ten hours radius driving.
- Ability to listen, communicate and organize well.
- Ability to understand all the basic business finances and profit, and loss calculations.
- Business Letter and Quotation writing skills coupled with the concise ability to compile accurate technical and commercial proposals as may be required.
- Business system software and Microsoft Office Products skills.
- Ability to develop and maintain excellent customer relationships.
- Ability to work independently and devoid of much supervision.
- Being able to complete the standard training for job function as may be addressed by the Department Manager.

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