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Sales Manager


$ 5000 to $ 6200 per month




September 13 2021

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We seek an experienced and professional individual who will fill the vacant position of the Sales Manager and ensure the improvement of the company’s sales.

Main responsibilities:

- Establishing, maintaining and using his/her library of reference materials, texts, periodicals and sales lead in keeping abreast of market trends and hotel selling techniques.
- Researching the market on a continuing basis for the purpose of determining where business comes from, its influence, the hotel’s clients and how they normally arrive in the city, among others.
- Going on a sales trip for the purpose of promoting and soliciting business for the hotel.

- Reviewing internal promotion pieces on a regular basis to bring about the adequate and up-to-date insurance of all hotel signs, posters, tent card to make it visually effective and consistent with the high standards that are set by the management.
- Working closely with the Public Relations Manager or representative to improve relations between Hotel and the Community to obtain maximum media coverage of activities within the hotel to local or international interests.
- Organizing and promoting in cooperation with the Food and Beverage Department and a Special project like Balls, Tournament, Exhibition, Parties, etc. to stimulate the Food & Beverage sales within the community.
- Coordinating with Front Office and Housekeeping Department for the purpose of handling room reservations and customers’ inquiries, request, and complaints.
- Directing, supervising and administering all personnel within the Sales Department.
- Preparing and executing regular direct mail campaigns in conjunction with the Public Relations Department to stimulate local interest in the Hotel’s facilities, promote the credit card and announce a special event, among others.
- A bachelor degree or license is required in Sales.
- One to two years professional experience.
- Bahasa Indonesia must be the primary tongue while English is the working level.

Optional requirements:

- Ability to operate Microsoft Office like Excel, Powerpoint, and Word.
- Ability to use TARS and Opera.

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