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Sales Manager


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Sales Manager


$ 5500 to $ 6000 per month


Nha Trang, VIETNAM


September 25 2021

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The company currently seeks an individual to serve as its Sales Manager and be responsible to the Director of Sales & Marketing and the General Manager. The right person will be working from our Vietnam office at NhaTrang.

Main responsibilities:
- Wholesale Account:
• Establish the room rates and other special packages and offers the necessary things that are required for all our sales platform.
• Develop an entry system for information like promotion, database among others to be entered while you ensure that all information about all the departments is up to date.
• Update and maintain all the company’s contact lists which include wholesale and other corporate contacts.
• Provide the necessary support required to bring about accuracy in the achievement of all our targets and resort system while managing the rate structure.
• Track our sales and coordinate each sales rep to follow up on all our products.
• Convert all leads to sales while you ensure that you enter into the negotiation of rates and contracts.
• Support the Account, Operation and other necessary teams on matters relating to thecontract, promotional sales, and deduction.
• Have a good understanding of the budgets and requirements of all the travel agents to help us with the sales of all the products.
• Ensure that the required database and lists (wholesales and leisure) are up to date.
• Be in charge of the leisure account by ensuring that accommodation voucheris regulated.
• Develop, improve and manage all the current accounts through phone calls in a bid to establish a strong relationship with the clients.
• Be in charge of the preparation and presentation of proposals while ensuring that reports and other necessary documentationare well organized.
- Familiarization trip
• Collaborate with both local and international travel agents to inspect the hotel and ensure that they meet the laid down standards.
• Utilise different channels which include calls and emails to follow up all the requests for inspections by different groups.
• Manage all the requests for inspections by ensuring that our database is up to date and accurate.
• Revise, manage and update the details of new agents.
• Regulate the Rate Calendar, Code and Event Code
• Oversee the IFCA related matters and reservations among others.
• Ensure that the IFCA system and other related departments are up to date and in line with the modern standards and rules.
• Provide the required support needed to manage the structure of the rate and bring about the accuracy of the resorts’ methodologies and facilities.
- Others
• Be responsible for the chart and documentation of the rate which is meant to be submitted to the Finance Department.
• Collaborate with the relevant individuals like the Sales Manager to bring about the organization of each sale event to make its follow up effective.
• Be in charge of the inquiries made by the clients by replyingdirectly to phone calls or emails.
• Complete each duty that may be assigned to you by the relevant individuals.
• Manage our email
- Wedding events with accommodation
• Be up to date with the banquet booking, rate negotiation, contract issues and otherbookings as well as making sure that each of them is effectively and appropriately followed to avoid any issue that may result.
• Identify the available prospects for the events by reviewing the market and gathering information from your clients as regards to their chosenevent.
• Prepare and present highly effective and detailed proposals that would make us win the right to organize an event.
• Oversee and assent to a budget.
• Strategies and manage events beforehand.
• Collaborate with the right departments to ensure that each work is handled correctly and done.
• Collaborate and coordinate with all our contractors, suppliers and the owners of a venue.
• Make sure that the program goes as planned without any flop or flaw.
• Prepare and present monthly performance report to determine how they were able to perform.

- At least a degree from the university coupled with a minimum of two years working experience in a relevant but similar position.
- Knowledge and familiarity with the facilities, equipment, and services that characterize a resort
- A strong understanding of the policies and processes that are prevalent in the sales department.
- Ability to work with or without a team
- Must be able to communicate and relate to different people well.

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- Accommodation
- Working visa

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