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Sales Support Coordinator - Bohemia


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Sales Support Coordinator - Bohemia


$ 10800 to $ 11000 per month




January 8 2024

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Our company seeks an individual that is intelligent, experienced and capable of working as our Sales Support Coordinator. Such individual would be responsible for the coordination of all our customer request to bring about a good definition of the global process. Apart from this, you will be responsible for liaising with the Sale and Internal departments while ensuring the proper carrying out of all our local goals, aims, and aspirations in line with our company’s policies and regulations.

Main responsibilities:

- Serving as a representative of the company to the customers in North America for them to request information which could include the setting up of vendors, questionnaires among others.
- Making sure that all the request madeare uploaded to our company’s database for possible tracking.
- Making sure that all the system filed are for the completed requests while ensuring that signatures are obtained for vendor setting up forms completion.
- Making sure that the insurance company in charge of our companyare contacted for specific certificates of insurance as at when applicable.
- Making sure that escalations and channeled to the right corner for possible solutions.
- Serving as a point of contact for both Sales and Legal representatives on all related legal matters.
- Working with the aim of ensuring the monitor of all the sales and distribution as at when applicable
- Bringing about the completion of all the paperwork which may be required for the payment of money earned by the end users as well as preparing other supporting documents.
- Ensuring the report of sales, distribution of samples and other functions as assigned by the company.


- An Associate degree or any other higher degree is required
- Proven experience in the coordination of sales, questionnaire and the administration of quality.
- Ability to manage works and meet different deadlines easily with a lot of flexibility,
- Ability to communicate well in writing or words.
- Interpersonal skills in relating with people around you including the internal management.
- Ability to organize works and pay a lot of attention to details.
- Ability to manage thedatabase and identify our company values.

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