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Scientist, Biosafety


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Scientist, Biosafety


$ 6000 to $ 6200 per month


Cambridge Massachusetts, UNITED STATES


March 19 2024

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Our company seeks an individual that will serve as our scientist. You will have the functions of working on different biosimilar molecules which include functional assay, binding among others. You will also be responsible for the detection of residual agent functions as well as the transfer and setting up of assays from our laboratories which have its headquarters in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that our QuantStudio has its real-timeinstrument installed and qualified.
- Making sure that all reagents and other materialsare gotten while labwork and protocols are prepared and executed.
- Making sure that all the real-time PCR is performed while tests and laboratory-based assays are carried out.
- Ensuring that expert advice is given to our clients as well as to our employees in bringing about their safety during anytest.
- Making sure that different projects are executed and managed very well for the purpose of bringing about the excellent nature of the lab.
- Making sure that data and reports are generated, reviewed and interpreted by the policies of the company.
- Ensuring the development and the training of different analyst for the purpose of performing PCR functions while carrying out tests as may be necessary.
- Making sure that you work well with other employees as a team while you communicate well with them on a regular basis.
- Making sure that you all comply with the GxP policies while working with the Quality department for the address of any issue.
- Ensuring that the health and safety regulations, policies and rules are well adheredto.


- A university degree or higher in any scientific discipline that is relevant to this job coupled with relevant laboratory experience with this work.
- Experience in using excellent and quality instruments in performing most of your test coupled with the ability to detect viruses.
- Experience in ensuring the validity of all assays which are meant for the GMP release as well as ensuring that the testing environment is good for our tests.
- An in-depth understanding, knowledge, and experience about all the EU and US GMP rules, policies and regulations that apply to the job.
- Experience in the management of line, clients and studies are required.
- Ability to identify the core values of our company which is enjoyment, openness, and sustainability.

Preferred Qualifications:

- Ability to solve different scientific challenges easily while applying intelligence to your work.
- Thorough knowledge in the establishment and management of the changing priorities of a fast paced company.
- Ability to communicate well with different people either verbally or in written form.
- Ability to manage different projects without crashing down as well as organize things well.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Suites coupled with the experience in solving problems.

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