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Senior Account Director


Expat Job

Senior Account Director


$ 7800 to $ 8000 per month


Singapore, SINGAPORE


November 29 2018

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Our company seeks an individual who is reliable and insightful that is capable of working with our company’s principles. You will work strategically with the aim of identifying our clients’ needs and take necessary steps to provide what they need. Apart from that, you must be to challenge yourself with the sole responsibility of changing the whole story for our clients. Your responsibility is to provide advice, recommend or steer initiatives while supporting our clients’ business aims. You will also be responsible for using the measurable business results that were obtained with your consultation with your GAD or MD in developing the business assigned to you. Thus, you help improve our client’s relationship with us and our revenue.

Main responsibilities:

- You will be responsible for the management of discipline from the position of director to VP level as well as the relationships of both internal and external clients.
- You will also act as the lead of R/GA on our cross-agency integrated marketing programs through the participation in various briefs and work sessions.
- Making decisions as may be proper for the purpose of bringing about the proper balance of the account with the clients.
- Making sure that all the deliverables are in line with our strategies as well as negotiating works and retainers to ensure the deliverable of budgets and ROI increment.
- Making sure that works are structured with the aim of providing direction for our team as well as making sure that business pitchesare ensured.
- You will also be responsible for the identification and capitalization of all new business opportunities within our client engagements.
- Making sure that all our new ideas are sold to the clients to bring about the enhancement of our business and our R/GA revenue.


- Ability to create the best concepts which satisfy our clients while involving people who are intelligent and instrumental for the success of the project.
- Ability to work with a lot of flexibility, clarifying ambiguity and ensuring that operations are carried out in the right way.
- Ability to work, think and perform actions creatively and strategically with the aim of giving our company an edge over its competitors.
- Excellent negotiation coupled with the ability to communicate well with clients and people.
- Ability to document well as well as manage people.
- A university degree or its equivalent coupled with a minimum of eight years industrial experience in the management of teams.
- Ability to work on FMCG accounts, partake in client services, work on different projects including video production and branding.
- Ability to manage million dollars transactions account successfully.
- Ability to lead people around you and develop your negotiation skills in dealing with our clients and partners.

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