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Senior Analyst -business Development


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Senior Analyst -business Development


$ 8200 to $ 8500 per month




November 21 2017



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We seek an individual that will serve as the Senior Analyst for our Business Development Team and be responsible for the review of investment, portfolio management, and other initiatives. The main focus is on Middle East, Africa, and the Asian Pacific region with the aim of implementing new investment projects.

About the job:

The right candidate for this job must be very good with financial analysis and project management and assessment support for the right team.

Main responsibilities:

- Provide the necessary assistance needed by the Business Development Department members for the acquisition of new projects as well as other investment.
- Ensure that the Business Development Team members are supported for the development of our business.
- Assess the desktop market and conduct the market and financial matters in a competitive atmosphere.
- Conduct analyses to forecast profits, sales and business growth while you prepare the best financial prototype to improve our business performance.
- Collaborate with the DP World teams and other experts by gathering and validating all the necessary information required for investment purposes.
- Make sure that all the documents, memoranda, and other agreements are reviewed while you report the key issues to the Business Development Department.
- Prepare and present documents and materials for the approval of all our internal projects.
- Assist the regional office by providing the files required by the Regional Office to implement our new business division.
- Collaborate with the Business Development department to manage the BD process in a particular period.
- Analyze new Regional Office proposals while you ensure that the relevant proposals are summarized to the senior team member.
- Make sure that all the submitted project in line with the policy and internal evaluation criteria
- Verify all the information that is presented to ensure that they are reasonable by collaborating with both professional both internally and externally.
- Report the information to the senior management in the appropriate format that is required for reporting.
- Collaborate with the right persons to prepare recommendation paper to be approved by the Senior management.
- Support the Senior Business Development Team member in the management of the Business Development process within a particular period.
- Raise funds for the development of our new business projects through external finances.
- Prepare the financial prototype that is required for all the external lenders to regulate the debt structure.
- Provide the required support needed for the preparation and review of memoranda for all the possible lenders.
- Satisfy the condition required to close the finance by assisting the finance director of the Business department.
- Prepare the document needed by the department director to take responsibility for the administration of loan and its facility.
- Improve the policies for the development of the company’s business using the materials sent from the regional and head offices.
- Valuate all the required strategies and other techniques.
- Prepare and present all the documents and cases for investment purposes.
- Support the other necessary initiatives,e.g., strategy development.
- Promotion of positive attitude which is in line with the value of the DP World.
- Make sure that safety is taken cognizance of while working.
- Work in line with the set policies, conducts, and ethics of the DP world.


- At least a university degree is required.
- Professional certifications like CPA, ACA, CFA or CMA.
- A minimum of three years of experience in a similar position as a professional service provider.
- Ability to come up with financial prototypes is required.
- Port and infrastructure experience is preferable.


Our company is committed to developing and investing into the career of all our employees. Apart from that, we ensure that each of them participates in several pieces of training that are aimed at improving their career and personality. Our range of salaries is competitive and best for our employees. Our benefits package is subject to location, however, for this role, you will enjoy the following:
- Work permit visa
- Transport and housing allowance
- Yearly air ticket and Private health care.
- Annual leave and performance bonus.
- Other benefits as appropriate.

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