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Senior Analyst


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Senior Analyst


$ 8800 to $ 9000 per month


Bangalore, INDIA


September 11 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all governance structures are assessed, defined and built for the purpose of meeting the reporting needs of the IT organization with the aid of Goal Question Metric and Balanced Scorecard.
- Making sure that IT management is interfaced for the purpose of ensuring the gathering of all reporting requirements.
- Working with the aim of designing, building and publishing all necessary reports for various levels with the aim of supporting decision making with data.
- Building a collection of data as well as ensuring the analysis and presentation of such data processes and procedures around Eurofins systems.
- Making sure that all existing reports are analyzed and improved using the reporting skills for the purpose of ensuring the governance of IT.
- Making sure that all reports are automated for the purpose of supporting the IT for a robust reporting platform.
- Becoming an integral part of the methodology and transformation team while being flexible with all the assignments taken by you.


- At least five to eight years IT industry experience coupled with a minimum of three hands-on, relevant experience in the establishment of an organization-wide reporting mechanism.
- Excellent experience in the automation of reports using the necessary reporting platforms.
- Proficiencyin working with different levels of Management with the aim of ensuring the meeting of the reporting requirements.
- Making sure that you work with tools like MicrosoftTFS and MS project.
- A good understandingof the delivery of various life cycles among others.
- Proficiency in SQL, MS Excel, and Macros Skills.
- Ability to report using BI Tools.
- Ability to work with different Microsoft Office applications.
- Ability to analyze problems.
- Proficiency in MS Access, SharePoint, Project Management Tools, Agile Development and Visual Basic.
- Ability to communicate excellently.
- Ability to influence and drive the decisions of different senior managers.
- Ability to pay excellent attention to details and ensure that data analysis is driven and ensured.
- Ability to work independently at a very fast rate in a multi-functional team.

Preferred skills:

- Ability to get things done quickly through self-motivation and proactiveness.
- Ability to enjoy working with different teams around the world.
- Ability to think and work critically.
- Ability to meet different deadlines while ensuring the delivery of details and quality.
- Excellent communication skills to relate with different top global stakeholders from Europe or the United States.
- A Bachelor Degree, a Master Degree in Computer Science or Computer Applications or a degree in any related field.

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