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Senior Compliance Manager ,avp


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Senior Compliance Manager ,avp


€ 8300 to € 8500 per month


Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG


September 13 2021

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Our company seeks a highly experienced and intelligent individual who will serve as our company’s Compliance Senior Manager in our Compliance Department. The right individual will be responsible for transferring all the activities and funds in our company in line with the right rules, regulations, and policies. You will also be responsible for the provision of compliance advice for our local business as well as ensure that all our functions are in line with the right policies by liaising with our customers and service providers. You will also work practically with different colleagues from other offices.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all compliance risk, assessment, reports, and plans are prepared and delivered for our Head of Compliance Support.
- Serving as a backup for the Head of Compliance in thecase of his/her absence.
- Providing a very concise and consistent advice on different issues which may arise from business as well as be the main contacts for all our clients.
- Making sure that our Head of Compliance is assisted in the management of our relationships with regulators as well as ensuring the organization of our correspondences.
- Providing all the necessary training for our staff while ensuring compliance with all necessary requirements.
- Making sure that you have a good understanding of the risks that are related to the compliance department while ensuring the mitigation of such risks.
- Identifying any correspondent risk or control which may result from the compliance of all the necessities which may have a great impact on our business.
- Making sure that all the policies and procedures are reviewed and implemented well with the mindset of ensuring compliance.
- Monitoring and advising the regulatory departments on any issue that relates to the IFDS’s business.
- Cooperating with personnel in the legal division of IFDS or State Street on both international and national compliance projects.
- Monitoring and assessing the effects all the necessary regulatory departments will have on our business while ensuring that all necessary rules are followed.


- A minimum of three experience working as an in-house lawyer for either a bank, company or firm which focuses on the servicing of funds in aninternational environment.
- Ability to communicate well with people around you as well as ensure the organization of activities and events.
- Ability to work with the aim of ensuring the analyzation of complex issues while ensuring that all the necessary information is obtained for sound conclusions to be reached.
- Making sure that the opinions of different people including the Senior Business Managers are influenced.
- Ability to interact with people around you as well as play as a team in an international environment.
- Ability to act effectively with little or no supervision
- Ability to present your works to a large audience confidentially and articulately.
- Ability to work on different compliance projects interpreting the regulatory environment and context.

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