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Senior Credit Analyst


Expat Job

Senior Credit Analyst


£ 5700 to £ 6000 per month




August 29 2023

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We aim at revolutionizing the financial industry by making it simple and nearer to more people. Our target is also to have provided funds to several small businesses that are not well catered for by the current financial industry. Our success over the years have been overbearing since iwocawas established in 2012. One of our achievements is that we have been able to support over ten thousand small businesses in Europe with finances.

We currently seek an individual that would serve as the Senior Credit Analyst with the aim of supporting us in making our decisions as it relates to money lending or investment.

Primary responsibilities:

- Scrutinize business applications for credit by utilizing the best of the available platforms, considering the applicants’ financial standing, references from other agencies among others.
- Keep a record of all the loan we gave out and ensure that you work to improve our KPI by making the right decisions for that purpose.
- Collaborate with the Account Management Team to determine the customers’ needs and what would meet their expectations.
- Gather and utilize results to ensure that the risk level of the company is minimal with the help of the risk team.
- Mentor and provide the necessary support that your junior counterpart requires in making their decisions.


- At least three years working experience in a company that provides commercial loan
- Sound knowledge of the international market and business
- Bilingual in English, fluency in French, German is advantageous.
- Ability to determine the right drives to reduce any risk that could occur.
- Financial statement interpretation skills
- Analytical and problem solving mindset with the capacityto approach an issue confidently.
- Comfortable working in a deadline-oriented startup.
- Excellent communication skills with the ability communicate with the applicants on the telephone.
- The innovative and creative mindset to bring about inventions to solve daily problems.
- Working visa, accommodation sponsorship.

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