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Senior Engineer


Expat Job

Senior Engineer


$ 5000 to $ 5200 per month


Basra, IRAQ


May 9 2024

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We seek a Senior Engineer for our company to perform different functions ranging from installation, commission and monitoring.

Main responsibilities:

- Maintaining the Weatherford Surface Pump Systems by installing, monitoring, commissioning and troubleshooting to ensure variable speed drive drives them.
- Leveling all the pump skid, VSD test, motor alignment, pump alignment, rotation check, instrument lines or wires connection and test.
- Ensuring the Hot alignment check, vibration check, instrument monitoring and recording with no exclusion to pressure, temperature, flowrate, vibration, and solids.
- Liaising with the Company Water injection personnel for the purpose of ensuring the pump systems.
- Making sure that all the Personnel and Equipment are safe based on the API guideline, manufactural recommendation, and the company HSE specifications.
- Performing and planning preventive calibration, maintenance, and repair after installation.
- Providing all technical instruction as well as assistance to either customer or customer representatives as regards to the maintenance, repair, operation, calibration and installation at the customer’s sites.
- Performing different administrative functions by working on technical reports, order materials, job status reports preparation, customers reports among others on a timely and thorough basis.
- Enuring the timely and input of field information which are necessary by maintaining knowledge of the report system to a reasonable extent.
- Providing when necessary the leadership and technical direction to all the skilled labor by performing different works on the customers’ sites.
- Maintaining strong safety mindset for the purpose of assuring the reflection of the technical requirements in all the executed works in line with Weatherford safety standards
- Working on timely and accurate technical reports for future reference and customer records for future outages
- Assessing all the facility including both the upstream and downstream equipment, pipes and other process controls and logic to ensure the utilization of surface pump as designed.
- Providing diagnostic analysis of failed and troubled systems at the customers’ locations.


- A university degree in both Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.
- At least five years’ experience in a Field Service Role coupled with strong organizational skills.
- U.S. citizen is desirable
- Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills coupled with the ability to work both inside and outside Basra.
- Experience and knowledge in oil, petroleum, light hydrocarbon, water injection and CO2 production applications
- A good experience in using rotating surface equipment, upstream and downstream equipment, control logic and facilities and high-pressure pumping services

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