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Senior Geologist


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December 13 2017

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A Senior Geologist is being sought after by Coeur to function at the headquarters in Chicago. The qualified candidate for the job must be a seasoned self-starter with a good background in GIS and management of geoscience database. The candidate would have to report to the Manager, Geology, and would be responsible for the maintenance and constant improvement of the geoscience database of the company and ensure that the systems and software of the company are up-to-date for managing the geoscience data across multiple projects. The candidate would also be responsible for the maintenance of the internal consistency of the geological data and reporting methodology, and must also be the in-house expert in the management of the GIS data and geoscience.

Main Responsibilities:

- Managing every aspect of the GIS dataset, geoscience databases, and technical information of the company
- Ensuring the regular and effective storage of all data, and that it is secure from any unauthorized access
- Organizing training, managing licenses and technical issues related to the GIS and database software of the company
- Assisting in the management of the databases of the SQL Server and the associated aspects of IT within the company and with its IT consultants
- Ensuring all the data of geoscience and GIS are being captured and managed in a structure that is organized and internally consistent
- Generating all shapefiles that are relevant and required for the management of the drill campaign and geological interpretation
- Generating and updating GIS maps, cross-sections, and technical presentations whenever required by the technical experts if Coeur
- Generating geological database reports and ensuring that all information reported satisfies the policies and procedures of QAQC and the management of the geological database of the company
- Mentoring the technical personnel of the mine site to achieve the responsibilities that are key across the company, and would include a travel time of about 15-20 percent


- A Bachelor’s degree in Geology
- A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience as an exploration or mine geologist
- A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as a database geologist or GIS specialist
- A sound understanding of GIS and management of geological database
- Ability to apply and qualify for the status of Qualified Person (QP)
- Proficient communication skills in spoken and written Spanish is a plus
- Skills with ESRI ArcGIS software and acQuire GIMSuite in an Intermediate to advanced level is required
- Skills with Microsoft SQL Server at an Intermediate to advanced level and a working knowledge of SQL scripting is an advantage
- Exposure to Mining software packages such as Vulcan, GemCom, Deswik, or Minesight that are 3D is a plus

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