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Senior Interaction Designer


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Senior Interaction Designer


$ 6000 to $ 6200 per month




December 15 2017

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Main responsibilities:

- Ensuring the facilitation of the identification of the problems and needs of the users by making sure that you brainstorm with the product managers.
- Making sure that interactions including to system responses, error catching and other interactions are well specified and controlled.
- Working with the aim of applying the right principles of information for the creation of the necessary workflows which are logical and instrumental in the production of the Design Best practices.
- Making sure that prototypes are depicted to produce wireframes and ensure that workflow solutions are delivered on time.
- Making sure that the Visual Designer is well collaborated with to ensure the refine of the Visual Design requirements and the design.
- Making sure that the interaction design standards are well defined and documented
- Making sure that heuristic evaluation as regards to the existing applications is purposely and excellently refined to meet the global standards.


- At least seven years of experience in the performance of Interaction Design for different but complicated transactional interfaces.
- Excellent understanding of data visualisation and the ability to deal with acomplex set of data.
- Ability to work using different points of view as to the creation of cross-functional project as well as an effective interaction design.
- Experience working in any financial information related industry would be advantageous.
- Ability to work in different user-centred design areas as well as perform different heuristic evaluation using user research and testing methods.
- Ability to use your Ix and IA skills in performing your works.
- Ability to stay focus on our clients and ensure that all the requirements are met for our products to meet the expected standards.
- Analytical, Problem solving and strategy development skills.
- Ability to relate with other people and communicate with them well either by words of mouth in the meeting or document form.
- Ability to use prototyping tools including Axure.
- Ability to program with a knowledge of the programming concepts and its technologies.
- Experience working with excellent interaction design skills as well as the ability to develop a user interface design in line with our corporate standards.
- Ability to develop a new interface based on our philosophy and principles.

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