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Senior Manager, Customer Engineering


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Senior Manager, Customer Engineering


€ 4800 to € 5500 per month




October 2 2021

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Main duties:

- Oversee all the activities which relate to presales and escalate issues when necessary making sure that you deal with problems and proffer solutions when possible.
- Lead the Customer Engineer in South Europe, Benelux, and France.
- Collaborate with the Sales and Accounting team, business team and other relevant departments to provide the required technical services needed to solve problems.
- Pass across information about our solutions to a problem to several individuals while making sure that such solutions are demonstrated to gather feedbacks while working in the Customer Engineering Department at the regional level.
- Assist the Management Team to meet the customers’ requirements.
- Make sure that your engagements with all the customers bring about excellent relationships with them
- Ensure that a long-term relationship is put in place between the clients and the company to ensure the interpretation of the clients’ requirements.
- Collaborate with the right teams or persons to solve all the issues that are noticed.
- Support our partners to find a way of combining our technology into their products to solve any obstacle that may be noticeable
- Be in charge of the selling and promotion of all our products and solutions.
- Go to all the meetings and sessions that are aimed at improving the practices in the industry.
- Serve as a good Ambassador of this company by presenting papers and other presentable materials at any forum and event that the companyis invitedto.
- Visit the South European predominantly, and this may include France and Benelux while you
intermittently visit the USA and Europe in general.


- At least five years’ experience in the management of people.
- A minimum of eight years working experience as a developer, product and pre-sales engineer and product manager.
- Excellent experience and knowledge of authorization, JavaScript, Authorization among others.
- An intelligent individual who can think exceptionally.
- Be focused on providing solutions and not products.
- Must be able to be successful in a fast expanding environment.
- Capable of being proactive and oriented towards the customers.
- Ability to communicate excellently in French and English while Italian and Spanish are a plus.
- A team player that is self-motivated and have a strong record of success in the technology industry.
- Experience and knowledge in the hiring and training of new people to serve as the customer engineers.
- Previous knowledge in overseeing your department and working remotely.

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