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Senior Manager, Hrbp


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Senior Manager, Hrbp


$ 7300 to $ 7500 per month


Singapore, SINGAPORE


October 10 2021

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Our company seeks an individual that will serve as the Senior Manager, HR and be responsible for the operational sections of our HR departments to ensure its promptness and the right delivery of service. The right individual will also work with the necessaryindividuals in Parkway Group Healthcare or its Hospitals subsidiaries in Singapore to ensure the optimization of their Human resources in line with the company’s goals.

Your work should target:

For you to be regarded as a successful individual in this position, you must perform your works to bring about success in the following areas:
- The recruitment of people to occupy vacant positions in the organization on time in line with the policies and the standards of the organization.
- The management and support of the HR teams with no exception to the team oversee.
- Resolution of conflict, staff dissatisfaction and other issues relating to discipline.
- Meeting the set targets for recruitment while ensuring that all the attrition rate is at the acceptable level.
- Develop and maintain an excellent relationship with all the notable members of the organization and the representatives of the Union.
- An excellent understanding of the policies of the company relating to either the staff or HR matters.
- Analyze all the issues that might result from the operational aspect of HR on a daily basis.
- Bring about the meeting of the deadlines of all works and projects.
- Manage our company’s budget relating to cost accruable during recruitment and the FTE numbers.

Primary responsibilities:

- Be responsible for the performance of all your activities in line with the HR objectives.
- Ensure that the operational sections of HR department are overseen and run smoothly.
- Be responsible for the implementation of the best practices and policies in the HR world while ensuring the compliance of the statutory standards and Parkway’s policies.
- Make sure that our company gets the best candidates to join our company while they work perfectly and excellently.
- Make sure that you stay in tune with the best and trending practices in the industry and on ground level sentiments while you become an operative HR business partner.
- Ensure the effectiveness of both the cost of the recruitment and the FTE numbers in line with the budget of the company.
- Collaborate with the line managers and the Heads of Department to meet our recruitment targets.
- Make sure that all issues related to disciplines and the grievances of the staff are well dealt with fairly, objectively and timely.
- Develop and maintain the best relationships with the Heads of Department and the line managers to bring about the resolution of staff matters.
- Ensure the flow of information on the staff issues among both the workers of the company and the union by collaborating with the representatives of the union
- Lead our HR team by providing guidance and mentorship to all the members of our teams in the area of HR business partnership.
- Perform all other functions as assigned by the company.


- A Bachelor degree in Social Sciences, Human Resources Management or another relevant field.
- A minimum of eight years working experience in abusiness partnership or HR leadership area.
- A good understanding of the employment laws or the best practices of HR.
- Ability to work with Microsoft Office Suite.
- Ability to lead or manage a team of about eight members
- Ability to communicate excellently orally or in writing.
- Ability to persuade, negotiate or influence people around you
- Ability to analyze and solve problems identified.
- Ability to work in an environment with strict deadlines as well as multi-task.
- Ability to work on urgent assignments and perform different functions.
- A good understanding and knowledge of Healthcare industry are highly desirable.

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