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Senior Negotiatior


Expat Job

Senior Negotiatior


$ 4000 to $ 5000 per month


Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


May 9 2024

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About the Company:

The company is fairly large with a population of 201 – 500 employees with the working hours being the regular hours of Monday to Friday. Benefits attached to working with our company are medical, dental, sport, vision and parking subsidy. The language of communication is English.

About the Job:

We seek an experienced and highly intelligent individual with an extensive knowledge of commerce, finance, and law that can work effectively in the area of negotiating compensation terms with property owners in a way that capture the company’s vision and interest.

Main Responsibilities:

- Managing the compensations claims of the property owners of lands which will be occupied by MRT stations, tunnels, viaducts and other structures.
- Leading negotiations with property owners in any compensation matter.
- Working with professional valuers, accountants and surveyors for the purpose of verifying the various compensation claims made by the property owners.
- Working with the legal, technical, contract & cost, finance and other departments in a bid to ensuring the timely finalization of compensation matters and the signing of mutual agreements.
- Being responsible for the secretariat of special compensation committee which is chaired by the Ministry of Finance.

Other Deliverables:

- Entering into an agreement with the property owners on the compensation payable to them.
- Preparing proposal papers for the consideration (if thought fit) of approval of the Special Compensation Committee, the preparation of the minutes, matters arising, and notices.

Experience & Skill

- A good negotiation skill and a track record of successfully finished transactions with at least ten years working experience in related field.
- Have an extensive up to date commercial, financial, and legal knowledge, experience, and skills with a good understanding and appreciation of technical matters.
- Ability to work perfectly as a part of a cross-functional team.


- At least a bachelor’s degrees or a professional qualification with commercial, legal, financial, costing and valuation backgrounds preferably.

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