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Senior Safety Engineer


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Senior Safety Engineer


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October 9 2018

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With over seventy years experience in the technology field providing services which include professional, construction and engineering services, Parsons leads as one of the leading tech companies.

Currently, Parsons is contracted to provide supervision consultancy for a top construction task in Dubai. The construction is planned to have commercial districts, leisure centers, residential buildings, and parks. The structure will be on four hundred hectares of land.

The construction will include highway intersections, water and sewage systems, drainage and electrical network, waste management structure, bridges and other construction works as may be required.


- Oversee and ensure the implementation of Project Safety Strategy by assisting the RE and SRE.
- Provide the required health, and safety-related skills needed to make It comply with the Health and Safety Standard, H & S requirements among others.
- Make sure that the safety requirements are implemented in the course of the construction.
- Properly maintain and calibrate the safety requirement while ensuring that third parties test the equipment.
- Ensure all the operators of the equipment are duly authorized and permitted to operate the equipment.
- Collaborate with the right team to put safety and welfare first at the construction centers in line with the laid down procedures.
- Lay down and maintain all the required information and procedure needed for the work.
- Inspect the site on a regular basis to observe that safety standards and regulations and make sure that they are all complied with.
- Know the reason why an accident occurs.
- Be responsible for the development and maintenance of the required permit for working on the site.
- Work with the required team to oversee the compliance of the company with the safety requirements while providing reports to the SRE on any noticed deficiency for possible correction.
- Call, participate and be the chairperson of any safety-related meeting which the SRE mandates you to call.
- Perform other duties as may be required or assigned to you.


- A Bachelor degree in any civil engineering related field.
- Internationally recognized HSE qualification like OSHA, IOSH
- A minimum of fifteen years experience in the provision of HSE investigation, supervision, and guidance on massive construction projects.
- Experience in any relevant field in Dubai is preferred.
- An up to date knowledge of HSE policies and laws both internationally an nationally.
- Ability to analyze and solve problems.
- Communication and presentation skills.
- Must be able to work with or without a team.

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