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Senior Software Developer


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Senior Software Developer


€ 5000 to € 5200 per month




September 19 2021

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Tieto Welfare business area seeks a Senior Software Developer to join our growing product development teams in Jyväskylä that will serve as a member of the team who will have opportunities to create new IT solutions, services, and products that benefit not just our customers’ businesses but all of the society. We offer you great opportunities to develop yourself and learn as well as having local team setups while you cooperate with colleagues in an international and evolving working environment.

Main responsibilities:

- Serving as a member of our customer-oriented product developments team.
- Participating in all aspects of product development including design, software development, testing, and maintenance.


- Solid technical experience coupled with an analytical approach to finding good solutions a strong sense of responsibility.
- Solid background in the web and mobile application development coupled with the ability to develop best solutions using the latest technologies and platforms.
- Ability to see the picture as well as the competence in the proactive and development of the right kinds of solutions for your customers.
- Continuous passion for learning new things as well as developing yourself.
- Ability to build teams with an exploratory personality and mindset to travel around the whole codebase.
- A good understanding of what it takes to work collectively with other professionals in a team with shared code ownership.


- Ability to use C# or Java, SOAP or Restful APIs and Unit testing.
- Ability to use Microsoft.Net frameworks like WCF and ASP.Net MVC
- Web development skills with HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and Knockout
- Ability to use Angular2 and Ionic2 or Windows Phone development to develop a mobile application.
- Test automation with proficiency in the use of Agile, Scrum, and LeSS.

What we offer:

- Promotion of a healthy work-life balance and a friendly and caring atmosphere.
- Ensuring trust which fosters freedom and creativity as well as the culture of transparency and active sharing in a truly open environment.
- An exciting career path with a wide variety of personal and professional development opportunities coupled with large customer network and industrialized consulting solution portfolio.
- A platform that encourages our employees to continuously learn and equip them with the changing and modern tools.
- A platform to learn new things and ultra-modern technologies that are interesting to learn.

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