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Senior Treasury Manager


Expat Job

Senior Treasury Manager


$ 9700 to $ 10000 per month




May 14 2024

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Our company requires a Senior Treasury Manager who is very good in the Design and Customised Treasury sales management solutions to a very large size businesses by supporting the Marketplace where first Midwest operates. Your personality will be responsible for the leadership and functional guidance of all the team members as well as serve as a financial partner for all the individuals in the community. Some of the functions that you could perform as the Senior Treasury Manager also include the assistance of team members with complex account relationships and the supervision of the Treasury Management Sales Staff to bring about an excellent training, motivation of support of sales goals achievement.

Main duties:

- Ensuring the provision of all the team leadership by independently developing and soliciting account relationships by ensuring the building and management of a corporate or municipal client relationships in an aggressive manner.
- Selling all the treasury management products and services to different but established corporate customers and other prospective customers by engaging in aggressive joint sales calling theprogram with all the commercial lending staff.
- Pushing forward and considering all the Divisional Sales goals to budget for the purpose of depositing, business service charges, and other specific fee line item as may be specified.
- Maintaining all efficient and effective cross-selling activities as well as developing and maintaining all the necessary referral programs with all the appropriate and assigned industry contracts.
- Overseeing all the assigned Treasury Management to ensure their training, motivation, and support to bring about the full achievement of all the sales goals.
- Taking part actively in all the necessary sales planning processes while coordinating all the planning which are meantto the Sales team.
- Ensuring that all the Treasury Management products, services, and present client demonstrations are so much understood by every member of the staff.
- Taking part in all the sales planning processes
- Staying informed about all the current development in the treasury management marketplace with aknowledge base of an internal change agent with innovative ideas of the development of FMB products.
- Serving as a functional leader to the team members whose affairs he guides.
- Participating actively in all the training sessions for compliance as may be required.
- Ensuring the meeting of all the necessary regulatory policies or order.
- Preparing the monthly sales and production reports as well as ensuring that all sales meetings are attended.
- Getting involved in any community activity and trade association functions to improve the recognition of our brand.
- Maintaining a high visibility role outside the company as well as being able to lead.


- A university degree in a business related field with a minimum of two accounting courses.
- An MBA is preferred coupled with a minimum of seven years treasury management experience.
- At least six years of sales experience with a previous management experience.
- Excellent analytical, aptitude, communication, interpersonal and PC skills.
- Ability and willingness to travel to different branches and meeting locations.

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