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Software & Controls Engineer


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Software & Controls Engineer


$ 5500 to $ 5700 per month


Richmond,virginia, UNITED STATES


September 22 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Being responsible for all the specifications for software engineering and the controller requirements outlines which are required for the systems to perform better.
- Being responsible for the specification of the requirements that are required by themicrocontroller.
- Developing and defining the right supporting algorithms for control strategy as well as bring about the development of loop controls.
- Be responsible for the development of the necessary algorithms for tune controller and the dynamic models for the system to bring about an optimized system performance.
- Taking responsibility for the design and development of software which will serve as acontrol to the low voltage systems.
- Optimize most of our hardware components through the delivery of a high quality software.
- Bring about the development of novel hardware and drivers on either Linux or RTOS.
- Develop our brand by providing excellent packaging and system integration for many of our software.
- Test and perform positive actions on the Controller implementation to ensure it is of high quality.
- Investigate the necessary modification required for the computer simulations to be well developed and utilized.
- Work with different team members for the integration of all control algorithms in software architecture.
- Being responsible for the specification, design, and implementation of the embedded subsystems’ functionality.
- Being responsible for the provision of support for the sustenance of the existing products.
- Collaborating with several safety experts on how to handle failure modes during production.


- A Bachelor Degree in Electrical or computer engineering or similar qualification.
- At least four years of experience as a professional in the development of power converter design and power converters control (real-time embedded firmware)
- A Master degree or any equivalent degree in Electrical Engineering.
- Up two professional years of experience as a professional in the development of power converter design and control of converters.

Preferred requirements:

- A good experience in the development of PCB layout, models or Isolated Converters.
- Ability to develop AC/DC and magnetic design.
- A thorough knowledge of wide- `band-gap device as well as some considerable experience in its application.
- Ability to select semiconductor that is of high voltage, protection circuit design, and gate drive.
- A good knowledge of the application and theory of power conversion and magnetics.
- A thorough knowledge and understanding of the safety requirements for UL and CE as well as the requirements that are relevant for the power design.
- Ability to analyze the fundamentals of circuit, controls, and solid device.
- A good understanding and experience in the development of embedded software that is required for the safety oriented applications that are used in a production environment.
- A thorough and strong knowledge of the different embedded protocols like Ethernet, CAN and so on.
- Ability to use C and C+
- Ability to write and understand all the technical specifications that are required for this job.
- Ability to understand both the system level schematics and PCB.
- Excellent embedded system architectural skills.
- Proficiency with the switch waveforms, loss modeling, and semiconductor losses.
- Ability to use aNetworkanalyzer, Oscilloscopes among others.
- Ability to develop a low latency or real time software.
- Experience in the development of software which could be useful for high voltage power electronics which include UPS, grid-tie inverters among others.

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