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Software Developer


€ 5800 to € 6000 per month




September 25 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Take responsibility for the design portions of the projects.
- Ensure the modification required that would make the existing or special projects stand out in term of design with little or no supervision.
- Identify, analyze and provide issues to problems whose probable causes have been discovered.
- Ensure the conduction of all necessary investigations that are required to bring about the best designs.
- Being required as appropriate for the project schedules, specifications, and documentation compilation.
- Participate in most departmental processes and other quality programs as needed.
- Perform duties as required.
- Research the ideas that can work for our new product while being responsible for the development of the embedded software.
- Modify the necessary features in an existing product as well as tracking down systems bugs to ensure the effectiveness of maintenance.
- Collaborate with both our technical and sales services departments to ensure the accomplishment of tasks.
- Take part in all the product review for the right requirements and specification.
- Work within the project development teams as may be required of you.
- Build a product in compliance with the defined specifications and the solutions were given.
- Collaborate with the Product Managers and other R&D members for interface concept and the configuration of the product.
- When necessary, act as a product manager.
- Ensure the production of product features and documentations, support and other related customer services as may be required.
- Conduct training for different people both internally and externally when required.
- Attend different trade shows on behalf of the company
- Assist in setting up our new products to break through among its target customers.
- Relate with the customers to know their mindset about the product.
- Keep a record of all our previous projects and products with the aim of ensuring the improvement of such products and projects at when necessary.
- Perform other duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

- A Bachelor Degree in any technology related field of study preferably Embedded Software Engineering.
- A minimum of four years experience in the development of software.
- Experience in job-related position (preferably project management) would be taken note.
- Ability to speak and write in both English and Dutch.
- Ability to relate and interact with people around you including your team members.
- Ability to travel around the world as may be required by the company.
- Ability to identify, analyze and resolve issues based on your independent contributions.
- Ability to bring about new solutions that are instrumental in solving problems that are peculiar to the products being reviewed.
- Ability to understand and apply the best engineering practices and principles around the world.
- Ability to program well using C/C+, Windows, Linux & App development
- A thorough knowledge of object oriented design.
- Ability to comply with the patents law subject to changes.
- A good understanding of RTOS/OS, installation practices, electronic schematics, electrical codes and data sheet.
- Abilityto weigh down the effect of regulations on the business is advantageous.
- Ability to follow communication protocols is a plus.

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