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Software Developer


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November 20 2017

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Our company seeks an individual to serve as the Software Developer for all our Software internationalization (I18n) projects. We work in various domains which include telecommunication, healthcare, energy among others. The best candidate for this job must have a senior level background in software development. Such individual must also be able to work on multilingual issues. For this job to be successfully done, there must be awillingness on the part of the candidate to learn about new technologies and keep in touch with the trending issues in the industry. The candidate may be required to work under the supervision of a senior worker and to attend to conference calls and remote meetings with members all over United states and the whole world.


- Be responsible for the audit of our I18n projects.
- Communicate with our clients and gather their expectation for their choice of software.
- Analyze the codes scripted to meet the expectation of our clients.
- Being responsible for the offer of the best recommendation for a detailed audit report.
- Use your writing and documentary skills to bring about our company’s development.
- Visit our client’s sites to deliver a two day I18n workshop or seminar to meet our client’s needs.
- Engage in code remediation efforts to aid the development staff in the implementation of I18n codes change to suit different systems and environment.


- At least five years of experience in the development of software.
- A good understanding of different version control systems.
- Proficiency in the Localisation of software and processes translations
- Ability to make use of Windows and Unix operating systems.
- Ability to analyze, debug and troubleshoot problems.
- Ability to communicate well and work with others as a team.
- Ability and the willingness to learn about the trending framework and necessary programming languages required for a particular project.
- Proficiency with the procedures related to Agile Development and Software Development Lifecycle.
- Ability to develop aweb application using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
- Ability to use different software application servers as well as other deployment processes.
- A good understanding of a minimum of one scripting language
- Ability to make use of different open source tools and codes as well as the capacity to use Virtualised Operating Systems for different projects.
- Ability to create expressions and natural language processing on a regular basis.
- A good knowledge of at least one database management tool.

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