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Software Engineer


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Software Engineer


$ 5000 to $ 5200 per month


Kolkata, INDIA


October 7 2021

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With over thirteen years experience, our company is one of the best companies in the provision of channel marketing services. We have our headquarters in California and have been adjudged as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Our companies are usually a household name in information technology, and we are good at helping them with their marketing channel. You will be working on.NET technologies as a software developer and will be responsible for the provision of CRM, email delivery center services to meet the expectations of our clients.

Main responsibilities:

- Be responsible for the development of codes necessary for computer applications which would be useful for different purposes.
- Provide support for the daily activities as may be assigned by the Software Engineering Leader.
- Perform all projects promptly based on your daily assignment.
- Comply with all the standards, policies and best practices which are associated with any project you take on from the beginning to its completion.
- Manage your time efficiently to take on several projects based on your assignment.
- Provide support, training, and mentorship for all the software engineers at level 1 as when needed for the completion of all the tasks assigned to them.
- Consider the quality and time required for working on the assigned project on a regular basis.
- Be responsible for the compliance of all codes (your codes and those of junior engineers) with the best standards and the requirements for each project.
- Be responsible for the development of the documents required for module specifications to be utilized internally.
- Be responsible for the compliance of all requirements (quality and regulatory) before any code, deliverables or output are approved.
- Ensure the improvement of all our workers’ activities by taking on several improvement initiatives to bring about an edge over our competitors.
- Improve our deliverables efficiency by developing solutions to any problem we might encounter.


- At least One and half years’ working experience in the position of a developer.
- Ability to communicate well with our workers and clients.
- Proficiency with Object-Oriented Analysis & Design for the development of software solutions on an enterprise basis.
- Ability to use SQL Server, ASP.NET and Object Oriented Concepts.
- Ability to relate with people around you while you motivate and mentor a team which you lead.
- A strong engineering expertise with the ability to develop excellent products.
- Communications skills (writing and speaking skills) with the ability to motivate our workers, stakeholders, and clients.
- A thorough knowledge and understanding of the best practices in thesoftware business.
- Preferably American citizen.

Education and Certification:

- A Bachelor degree or Post Graduate degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or any other similar field of studies.
- Someone in possession of Microsoft Certification.

Reports to:

Your position will report to the Leader/Manager – Software Engineering

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