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Software Engineering Lead


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Software Engineering Lead


$ 8000 to $ 8300 per month




September 23 2021

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Our company seeks an individual who is a senior level C/C+ developer who works in either UNIX or Linux environment to apply for the post of Software Engineering Lead in the company. This position will be responsible for writing codes on complex applications and systems and will provide direction specifically on plans, methodologies, and schedules. To execute some assigned projects, the position will collaborate with the Software Architect and the VP of Technology, Director of Software Engineering.

Education and experience:

- At least seven years of experience as a Software Engineer.
- A Bachelor degree in computer science/engineering or its equivalent experience.


- Excellent knowledge of the methodologies involved in software development.
- Ability to lead and partner with people to solve complex business problems with internal technology.
- Ability to drive the company through your strongresearch ability.
- Proficiency with the use of data manipulation language.
- Ability to work with different sophisticated data models.
- Ability to develop different applications using either C or C+ in a Linux or Unix environment.
- Knowledge and familiarity with different script languages.
- Knowledge of XML, SQL and relational database, and source control systems.
- Ability to communicate well with people and relate to them to the extent that business relationship is built.
- Ability to use the industry best practices you researched about to develop the business.
- Proficiency in review writing about the development of complex systems.
- Ability to present your ideas and papers to people around you.

Main responsibilities:

- Work, in thecase of escalation of issues, as the point for issues related to software development.
- Serve as a link for the technical personnel or team members for the finalization of all requirements.
- Ensure the adequate review of all the detailed specifications of all the system components which are of moderate complexity.
- Ensure the fixing of bugs with no exclusion of a single bug.
- Collaborate with other teams to ensure a thorough understanding of the requirements of moderately complex product to develop a software design with them.
- Ensure the successful implementation of all development processes and coding to ensure the best software.
- Work in adifferent development environment while working with the main stakeholders to bring about success in the company.
- Solve all technical issues as may be needed to avoid any breakdown.
- Serve as a coach, mentor, and leader for all the entry-level software engineers
- Take note of new technological development for infusion purpose.
- Perform other assigned duties.

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