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Sr. Commissioning Specialist


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Sr. Commissioning Specialist


$ 5000 to $ 6000 per month




September 28 2021

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We currently seek an individual to serve as the Sr. Commissioning Specialist for a direct role with a prominent engineering firm in Seattle WA. Our client is also known for its consultant work on different multi-disciple projects which include commercial and architecture, retail, institutional, government, industrial, project, and construction management.

Main responsibilities:

- Planning, organizing, directing, marketing and supervising our clients’ commissioning activities including but not limited to technical service.
- Serving as support for the installation, start-up, testing and troubleshooting of mechanical, electrical and building envelope systems on new and existing building projects.

Other responsibilities:

- Managing and assuming overall responsibility for the Commissioning group.
- Supervising and training assigned technical and administrative personnel while working independently or as a team.
- Completing assigned tasks quickly in a logical manner while ensuring the exercise of discretion and good judgment.
- Scheduling and leading commissioning meetings as well as recording meeting minutes for distribution.
- Operating commissioning and TAB equipment proficiently and effectively.
- Preparing commissioning plans, specifications, pre-functional checklists and functional test scripts.
- Coordinating commissioning schedules for design and submittal reviews as well as installation verification and equipment start-up.
Ensuring the point to point verification, acceptance testing and operator training.
- Reviewing design criteria, drawings, and specifications, equipment submittals as well as validating the installation.
- Directing functional performance tests, setting- up and reviewing trend logs as well as maintaining issues logs and helping to resolve construction installation deficiencies when required
- Traveling regularly for extended periods based on the assignment at hand within and outside Washington State.


- A high school diploma or GED, an Associate’s Degree or technical certifications are preferred.
- A minimum of fifteen years of experience in commissioning, directing digital control system and TAB as well as a prior experience in engineering, design, construction and post-construction practices.
- At least four years experience in a leadership role with a prior experience as a training assigned technical personnel
- Excellent working knowledge of TAB (test and balance) processes and equipment with prior experience with construction site work, construction activity conditions and safety protocols in addition to site inspection and system installations.
- Excellent working knowledge of and the commitment to abide by the applicable local, state and federal laws rules and ordinance.
- Excellence in the use of Microsoft Windows Operating systems like Word, Excel, Outlook, among others
- An active Washington State Driver’s License.

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