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Sr. ERM Credit Risk Analyst


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Sr. ERM Credit Risk Analyst


$ 7500 to $ 8000 per month




May 6 2024

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The Senior ERM Credit Risk Analyst would be assisting the ERM Credit Risk Manager for identification of risks, measurement, aggregation, and monitoring of all credit related activities. The candidate would be responsible for the development and implementation of integrating credit risks management within every area of the Bank about new products, existing products, and all activities where credit risks are involved. The candidate would maintain an in-depth knowledge and expertise of the various objectives related to credit, and mitigating controls to ensure the credit risks are properly managed

Main responsibilities:

- Preparing and presenting management reports for the ERM Credit Risk Manager to anticipate the credit exposures that reflect elevated levels of risks
- Developing complex “what if” situations that go beyond simpler trend analysis assessing just variables, such as utilizing stress test tools and output, that change the key risk drivers and their impact on predicate losses, profits, and capital
- Leveraging the data and risk analytics team within ERM to build a dashboard of credit that would provide Executive Management and Business Process Owners with a deeper level of analytics to capture rising risks and its impact on concentration, earnings, liquidity, and capital
- Utilizing the available tools in the ERM department to produce analyses of regulatory peer data and analyses of market level
- Producing analyses that are forward directed and utilizing the third-party purchased macroeconomic data to project credit trends in the primary and non-primary lending areas of NYCB
- Developing quarterly reports that provide a granular level of information about the portfolio characteristics for each loan type of the company. These reports should include information on changes, trends, and key characteristics that would influence the risk of the loans and investments within the balance sheet of the company
- Providing an enhanced risk management standard to the owners of the Business Processes about their policies, procedures, and processes for the management of their credit portfolios
- Developing a close working relationship with the whole ERM department, credit BPOs and regulatory bodies about credit risk management
- Ensuring the appropriate and correct alignment of the integration of credit risk management in ERM BPO Surveys, Risk Appetite Statements, and Strategic Objectives
- Reviewing and developing the appropriate forward-looking and leading key risk indicators
- Assisting with the setting of limit, and early warning indicators about credit risks to ensure that the process captures the forward-looking and stress testing analyses appropriately
- Assisting in the monthly and quarterly preparation of credit and counterparty risk reports
- Assisting in the development of an ERM Credit Risk Operating Policy
- Maintaining the knowledge of the regulatory guidance about activities related to credit for the Bank, and ensuring the policies of the Bank are correctly aligned
- Continuing training through conferences, working groups, and affiliation with key risk management associations
- Performing special projects, and additional duties and responsibilities as needed
- Ensuring employees are accountable for the maintenance of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and adhere to the internal control policies and procedures


- A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or any related field
- A formal credit training
- A minimum of 5 years’ experience at a professional level in a financial services environment, and experience training others to perform tasks related to job
- A minimum of 3 years’ experience in spreading financial statements, especially on Moody’s Financial Analyst and Moody’s Risk Analysis
- A good knowledge of basic credit analysis, and experience in performing financial projections
- Sound knowledge of basic accounting principles, and of credit risk databases that provide data and analytical support to senior management team
- A Good knowledge of Banking, including operations, compliance or regulatory, and credit
- A sound knowledge of Moody's Financial Analyst and Moody's Risk Analyst software
- Strong analytical skills, and the ability to interpret data innovate and make strategic decisions
- A Computer literate individual, with an advanced proficiency in Internet navigation, word processing, spreadsheet and database applications
- A fluent oral, written and interpersonal communication skill
- Ability to prioritize, independently handle multiple tasks, and meet deadlines
- Ability to liaise with senior executives easily
- Ability to identify deviations from forecasts or expectations, and explain variances
- Ability to identify risk and opportunities, and maintain confidentiality about bank information

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