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Sr. Manager Technology Management, International Trade Compliance


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Sr. Manager Technology Management, International Trade Compliance


$ 11800 to $ 12000 per month




December 20 2018

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Our company is specifically started to make modern flight better and possible. These days, exploration using airspace is now better than before with excellentaircraft that are well integrated, more intelligent, and more electric. Our company has over forty-one thousand employees in over 150 countries with the aim of bringing about abreakthrough in technology. Thus, we are one of the leading company when it comes to Aerospace systems. This job is mainly meant for the purpose of providing excellent strategic leadership for the purpose of managing technology on behalf of the UTA’s ITC organization.

Main responsibilities:

- Managing a team which is involved in the management of central ITC.
- Making sure that all the established procedures and tools are followed while ensuring the exportation and the classification of software and other technical related data.
- Making sure that all works developed are in line with the UTAS’s export requirement, processes, and ideas.
- Making sure that other units are collaborated to ensure that the best practices of different companies around the world are implemented across all our offices in the world.

Skills and Requirements:

- Ability to manage programs and projects.
- Ability to organize different works, projects, and programs.
- Ability to relate with people around the world as well as communicate well.
- Ability to package the training kit meant for the new recruits.
- Willingness and the capacity to get a small team motivated.
- Making sure that the right leadership trait is maintained while managing the Technology Management Discipline all over the world.
- Commitment to work coupled with the willingness to perform your functioneffectively as a member of our excellent teams.
- Ability to assist the right individuals in taking actions when necessary as well as investigating any allegation.
- Making sure that the right recommendation is provided while investigations are carried out freely.


- An updated and thorough knowledge of Engineering is highly required.
- Experience in Aerospace as a program or technical engineer is desirable.
- Excellent understanding and knowledge of the US Export and non-export law as well as the ability to comply with them.
- At least three years of experience as in ensuring compliance with rules as a staff of International Trade Compliance.
- A good understanding of the rules, regulations and how the current trade compliance works to save our company from litigation or sanctions.
- Experience in EAR, ITAr or any other custom related rules.
- Ability to work with different individuals all over the world.
- You must be a US person.
- A University degree is required in any related field.

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