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Strategy Director


Expat Job

Strategy Director


$ 8500 to $ 8700 per month




May 4 2024

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As Strategy Director in our Chicago branch, and by extension, a strategic planner in the innovative, master planning and solution-drivenindustry, your duty includes furnishing clients with thorough information concerning theirmarketing, business and market standing. Your creative-thinking skill and your ability to confidently provide solutions to current hassles and foreseen ones will enable this company to sell Jack Morton on a personal level to clients through your cognitive competence, exposition skills, theability to network, commitment to the products and our goals.


- Creative Strategy

• Spearhead the creative strategy team to craft raw insights and turning those insights into actions for the improvement of the lucrative brand, products, and industry.

- Creative Delivery

• Cooperating with the leadership of our Chicago office and the general creative delivery team in the implementation of all ideas.

- Client Management

• Heading the strategic planning of accounts and brands
• Function in different start up pitches, as well as all, stand up presentations to make it more appealing and easy to understand.

- Strategy Team/Culture Leadership

• Bringing your ability in creative strategy and delivery in collaboration with both the strategy team and the company in general.
• Serve as a manager and mentor to every member of the strategy team
• Ensure the sustenance of all our strategic way of thinking to improve the company.
• Spearheading creative strategies within the company
• Working hand-in-hand with other strategy teams globally to share ideas and other uses materials.


• 8-year experience in creative strategy at a company that thrives in brand building
• Key positions such as the head of strategy team at a thriving company especially media, digital or non-traditional companies
• Problem-detection and solution-generation ability through thorough research, valuation, anorganizational framework forthe optimization of theprocess.
• Passion forthe business and our brands and how to effectively market them
• Competence at working solo or in a group (as motivator)
• Knowledge of trends in the industry and leadership
• An embodiment of Jack Morton’s characters of commitment, dexterity, esteem, and inclusion

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