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Supply & Logistics Representative


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Supply & Logistics Representative




May 5 2024

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We currently have a vacancy for an intelligent individual that can serve as a Supply & Logistics Representative for our team. The position will deal with the optimization and execution of supply and distribution of all our chemical and refined products.

Main responsibilities:

- Work with the members of the HMSC’s distribution and supply team as a main member of the team.
- Ensure the management of the product nomination accuratelyto execute and prioritizing our plans as regards to supply and distribution.
- Be dynamic with the means of transportation you use to distribute our products based on nature and factors surrounding the product.
- Be there to facilitate the delivery of products and ensure the compliance with all regulatory policies and guidelines as well as the risk management guidelines.
- Seek every possible means to mitigate all the actions which could have negative impacts on our contracts and profits.
- Draw and execute all plans to ensure the optimization of profits as well as manage all refinery machines, diesel, gas, and jet on a regular basis.
- Ensure the management of all our equipment and ensure their assessments for production changes, disruptions, pipeline allocation issues among others with the aim of mitigating the losses.
- Ensure the actualization of all our products in the system on a daily basis to bring about accuracy with the accounting.
- Provide and ensure the maintenance of all reporting mechanisms for management effectiveness.
- Build and maintain all internal and external relationships with different partners for profits and benefits optimization.
- Serve as a coordinator for the accuracy in the measurement of the monthly balance of books with physical inventories.
- Ensure the compliance of the communication protocol among all the internal departments.
- Ensure the management of all tank farm volumes to support all inventory management goals.
- Work with adifferent set of people with the aim of identifying and coordinating all the movements related to feedstock for optimal production purpose.
- Travel as may be required for seminars, meetings, and other business engagements as may be required by the company for development.
- Use your expanded product knowledge for the management of gas, diesel products, bio diesel among others.


- A university degree in Management, Economics and finance.
- At least five years experience in pipeline scheduling.
- At least one year of industrial experience.
- Ability to communicate, analyze and multitask.
- Ability to meet extreme deadlines and work under pressures with no fear.
- Ability to relate with people around you as well as deal with a host of others both internally and externally.
- Computer literacy is essential coupled with experience with SAP.

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